The Cash Learning Partnership

There is a growing recognition in the humanitarian sector that in an emergency, cash transfers and vouchers can be appropriate and effective tools to support people affected by disasters in a way that maintains dignity and choice for beneficiaries while stimulating local economies and markets.

The Cash Learning Partnership aims to improve the quality of emergency cash transfer and voucher programming across the humanitarian sector.


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Are NGOs, UN organisations, donors, governments and policy makers that implement, fund and influence emergency cash transfer programming ‘fit for the future’?

To answer this question, CaLP commissioned the Humanitarian Futures Programme (HFP), King’s College London to research how changes in the broader global and humanitarian landscape may evolve in the future (up to 2025), and how these changes might shape cash transfer programming (CTP). The analysis examines these issues in the context of ongoing global dialogue on the future of humanitarianism, including the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) processes, the deliberations for the next iteration of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA 2), and the World Humanitarian Summit 2016.

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Research Gaps in Cash Transfer Programming

Before defining potential research topics for 2014, CaLP commissioned a study in order to:

- better understand what action and evidence based research is currently available

- identify who the key research actors are and how research findings and recommendations are used, shared, and research impact monitored

- identify and prioritise gaps in action research

The study is now finalised and can be downloaded here. The findings of the study will be used by CaLP to inform its own research and advocacy strategies, and shared with other stakeholders who are planning CTP research.

E-transfers in emergencies: two new publications available

Following recommendations made in Cash Learning Partnership research in 2011 on e-transfers ‘New Technologies in Cash Transfer Programming and Humanitarian Assistance’ and demonstrated interest from the CaLP community of practice; CaLP has undertaken an additional three pieces of work in this thematic area in 2013 of which two are now available on the website:

- "E-transfers in emergencies: implementation support guidelines"

- "Principles and operational standards for the secure use of personal data in cash and e-transfer programmes

-  and a forthcoming study of factors affecting the cost-effectiveness of e-transfers compared to more manual methods.

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CaLP D-groups

The CaLP discussion groups (D-groups) are designed for debate, discussion and technical advice about cash transfer programming in emergencies. There are four D-groups  - English Discussion Group, French Discussion Group, English Jobs and Consultancies, French Jobs and Consultancies.

If you are a D-group member, visit the community website.

If you are not yet a member, send us an email to request membership, specifying which forum you would like to join.

Cash Atlas - CaLP's cash mapping tool

The Cash Atlas is an interactive global mapping tool aiming to visually represent cash transfer programmes at a global level. 

By demonstrating the use and utility of cash transfer programmes (CTP) across different sectors and contexts, the Cash Atlas provides a tool that can be used in advocacy to promote consideration and appropriate use of CTP in humanitarian response. It also aims to be a learning tool for organisations willing to share their experiences.

This project has been developed by CaLP and supported by American Red Cross, ECHO and USAID/OFDA.

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Latest news

CaLP's March 2014 newsletter is available now!

The latest newsletter from the Cash Learning Partnership highlights some of CaLP's latest research. Click here to find out more.

posted by Digital Communications  16.4.14


CaLP's statement of intent

Following a recent review of CaLP’s progress since inception and of the continued need for cash programming in emergencies, the Steering Committee drafted a statement of intent addressing the future of CaLP.

posted by Steering Committee  11.4.14


CaLP's February 2014 newsletter is now available!

CaLP's latest newsletter focuses on cash transfer programme coordination in the Typhoon Haiyan response. 

There is also news of an upcoming webinar from The Better Than Cash Alliance, and a list of the latest resources on the CaLP website.

posted by Steering Committee  17.3.14



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