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About us

The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) is a global partnership of humanitarian actors engaged in policy, practice and research within Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA). CaLP currently has over 80 members who collectively deliver the vast majority of Cash and Voucher Assistance in humanitarian contexts worldwide. Our members include UN agencies, donors, international NGOs, local NGOs and private sector organisations. Our Board, Technical Advisory Group and Global Advocacy Cash Network are all drawn from our membership. CaLP does not deliver Cash and Voucher Assistance directly.

CaLP is based on learning, knowledge sharing, networking, policy and coordination around the appropriate and timely use of CVA in humanitarian response.

CaLP believes that when appropriately incorporated into humanitarian response planning, CVA presents opportunities for effective and efficient programming to meet the needs of people and communities affected by crises. With the number, scale and complexity of humanitarian crises increasing, CaLP acts as a catalyst for positive transformation within the sector.

Our vision

Our vision is that humanitarian assistance offers the greatest choice, dignity and value for people affected by crisis.

Our goal is to radically increase the scale and quality of Cash and Voucher Assistance as a tool for humanitarian assistance. 

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