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Technical Advisory Group

The CaLP Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is dedicated to supporting the technical direction of CaLP and joining CaLP in providing guidance and technical leadership to the wider Community of Practice. The TAG will ensure coordination and harmonisation of initiatives and the maintenance of high technical standards and field linkages.

For more information on the TAG please contact Ruth McCormack, Senior Programme Officer at programmes@cashlearning.org

 Technical Advisory Group Members





Action Against Hunger

Celine Sinitzky

Cash based interventions and social protection Advisor


Action Aid

Rachid Boumnijel

Senior Technical Specialist - Cash Transfers

Rachid Boumnijel is the Senior Technical Specialist - Cash Transfers for ActionAid.  Rachid has over a decade of experience in humanitarian response, recovery and development globally, in particular in DRC, Madagascar, Niger, Pakistan, Philippines and South Sudan.  Since 2008 Rachid has designed, managed and implemented response and recovery programs incorporating cash transfers, using a range of mechanisms including, vouchers, cash-in-hand, with financial institutions and through mobile money.  Rachid has designed and implemented operational research on cash and has experience in capacity development on design, accountability and impact measurement of cash transfers.  In his role as Senior Technical Specialist Rachid is the lead in supporting the ActionAid Federation’s institutionalisation of cash approaches and oversees the organisational commitment to increase cash transfers in our humanitarian responses. 

British Red Cross

Emma Delo

Cash & Markets Technical Team Manager

Emma Delo has over 12 years’ experience in the humanitarian sector working for IFRC, Oxfam, VSO and CaLP working in post-disaster recovery work in more than ten countries. Her expertise includes livelihoods and food security, community development and participation, cash based assistance and market based interventions. Emma is currently working for the British Red Cross as their Technical Team Manager for Cash and Markets supporting the increased scale up of cash in the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement through leadership and advocacy, building a new cadre of cash practitioners, institutionalising cash into National Societies through preparedness and collaborating and partnering for innovation and technological solutions.


CARE International  

Ciara O'Malley

Senior Cash and Markets Advisor


Catholic Relief Services

William Martin

Technical Advisor-Cash and Markets, Humanitarian Response Department

William Martin has more than ten years of experience as a political economist deployed in response to conflicts, natural disasters, or protracted crises. He is currently working as Technical Advisor–Cash and Markets based interventions for the Humanitarian Response Department at Catholic Relief Services (CRS). With CRS he contributed to double the portfolio of cash transfer programming, championed cash and market-based approaches across sectors particularly with Shelter, and spearheaded initiatives on digitalization of cash transfers. William holds a Master degree from the Sorbonne’s Institute for Economic and Social Studies and he is currently living in Washington, DC.

Danish Church Aid

Christer Lænkholm

Senior Humanitarian Adviser

Christer Lænkholm has more than 16 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, working with both emergency response and recovery. The last 5 year he has been leading the transformation and institutionalizing of cash in DanChurchAid. He is training and capacity building staff and implementing partners as well as providing technical and strategic support on CTP to DCA’s programmes globally.  Currently his focus is on how digitalization and electronic cash transfers can make CTP more efficient.  And how CTP can bridge the humanitarian-development nexus. Christer holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

Danish Refugee Council

Louisa Seferis

Global Technical Advisor for Economic Recovery

Louisa Seferis has worked with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) since 2011 on cash, livelihoods and emergency programming, and as DRC’s Global Technical Advisor for Cash Transfer Programming since January 2015. Louisa provides technical and strategic support on CTP to DRC’s programmes worldwide. In 2016, Louisa developed DRC’s global strategy for CTP, as well as DRC’s operational compliance procedures for procuring cash transfer services. Formerly based in the Middle East, the majority of her work on CTP has been in the MENA region (Syrian, Libyan and Iraqi crises), but she has also conducted CTP assessments, implementation and evaluations in other parts of the world, most recently in Ukraine, Myanmar, Serbia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Etienne Juvanon Du Vachat

Resilience Expert / Coordinator of the cash transfer programming team,


International Committee of the Red Cross

Jo Burton

Cash Transfers & Markets Specialist

Jo Burton is a Cash Transfers and Markets Specialist working with ICRC, with over 12 years field work in conflict affected countries. At ICRC she held a number of posts in the field, including Economic Security Delegate, Head of Sub-Delegation and Economic Security Coordinator. Having first worked on Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) in 2004, she has, since 2006, specialized in CTP in conflict and post conflict contexts. She moved to ICRC headquarters in 2017 to take up her current position, where she is responsible for developing the institutional strategy for Cash Transfer programming (CTP). In this role she will support and foster institutional capacity building and alignment across all programme areas.


Caroline Holt

Manager, Global Cash Transfer Programming


Key Aid Consulting

Helene Julliard

Key Aid Consulting co-founder

Helene has over a decade’s experience evaluating, researching and managing emergency and early recovery responses. She has been involved in all major emergencies of the past five years. Helene is a skilled trainer and facilitator with strong records of developing and delivering training and lectures with various audiences. Helene has a specific expertise on Cash and Market Based Programming and has developed numerous guidance, policies and training. That includes CARE, UNDP and Oxfam guidelines for Cash Transfer Programming, the Pre-Crisis Market Analysis guidance and CRS Scoping study on the use of Market Based Interventions. In addition, Helene has undertaken numerous evaluations of CTP related projects, across sectors.


Paula Gil Baizan


Paula Gil Baizan has 15 years of experience in the use of markets in humanitarian and development settings. She has held senior roles at the ICRC, Save the Children, British Red Cross and World Vision working in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. 


Paul Musser

VP, Public Private Partnerships



Juliet Lang




Kristin Smart

Global Cash Transfer Programming Coordinator

Kristin Smart is the global lead for Oxfam’s cash transfer programming.  With 10 years of humanitarian experience in South East Asia, Pacific, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe Kristin has specialized in cash transfers, economic recovery and livelihoods.   Prior to Oxfam she worked as a consultant with CaLP researching trends in CTPs and led humanitarian programs with the Danish Refugee Council and Médecins Sans Frontières.  Her current work is strategically focused on using cash as a tool to build local response capacity (localization and social protection), and the use of cash in non-traditional cash sectors (WASH and protection). 

People in Need (Člověk v tísni, o.p.s.)

Edward Fraser

Cash Adviser

Ed is a highly experienced and committed humanitarian professional with particular expertise in Cash-Based Assistance. He recently completed his first year as Global Cash Programme Adviser & UK Humanitarian Representative for People in Need, following a year as Emergency Cash-Based Programme Manager for its Syria Programme. His previous roles included five years as Project Manager for the field verification of ECHO-funded Humanitarian Aid Projects and seven months as Field Delegate for British Red Cross Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Programme in Haiti. In 2015, Ed completed an MSc in Violence, Conflict & Development at SOAS, including a specialisation in International Humanitarian Law

Save the Children

Francesca Battistin

Humanitarian Cash and Markets Advisor

Francesca is the Humanitarian Cash and Markets Adviser for Save the Children UK. Graduated in Economics and Epidemiology, Francesca has 11 years of professional experience in livelihoods recovery and cash transfer programming in post-disaster and post-conflict settings. For the International Labour Organization, she backstopped economic recovery initiatives in several countries in Latin America, South-East Asia, the Middle East, and East Africa, and she managed a local economic recovery project in Iraq. For the International Rescue Committee, she designed and led cash transfers and livelihoods recovery interventions in Pakistan and Lebanon. Recently, she evaluated the impact of the multipurpose cash assistance programme of the Lebanon Cash Consortium on the physical, material and psychosocial wellbeing of Syrian refugees.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation/Swiss Humanitarian Aid (SDC/HA)

Natacha Pugin

Programme Officer for Cash Transfer Programming

Natacha occupies her post since September 2017 where she is currently supporting key partners (UN organizations, RC/RC Movement and NGOs) in capacity-building to use Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) in their response, and support of key initiatives, engagement on policy dialogue and advocacy related to CTP at global level, ensuring quality CTP is implemented in SDC/HA direct projects, and strengthening of SDC/HA’s organizational knowledge and own capacity on CTP, done in close collaboration with SDC/HA operational and support divisions, and cooperation offices. Prior to SDC, she was working as Programme Policy Officer for the WFP Somalia Country Office based in Nairobi. Her technical area of expertise lies with CTP as a transfer modality as well as building capacity. She also worked with the ICRC and in the private financial sector.


Annika Sjoberg

Senior Cash Officer  

 Annika is the Senior Cash Officer with UNHCR, managing a team of seven. As the main developer of the UNHCR CBI Policy, she is focusing on institutionalizing cash by 2020 with a particular focus on strengthening the strategic and meaningful use of cash in light of social protection and financial inclusion of displaced persons, as well as overseeing cash and protection and the technical sectors, capacity-building and partnerships. She started her career in the private sector, notably in banks, followed by human rights work with Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists. She has held several head of project positions in conflict affected areas with Médecin Sans Frontières and UNHCR, including the management of cash assistance. Recruited by UNHCR in 2006, Annika has worked in various roles related to emergency response, protection, programme and policy, before joining the global cash operations at Headquarters.

Office of Food for Peace (FFP), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

John Lamm

Food Security and Market Advisor

John is a founding member of the FFP markets team, which provides technical guidance, training, and analysis of FFP's market-based assistance activities in development and emergency response. The markets team is responsible for managing the office's Annual Program Statement (APS) for the Emergency Food Security Program (EFSP), which provides resources for local and regional food procurement, cash transfers, and food vouchers. The team also plays a key role in supporting the administration's Food Aid Reform initiative and liaises closely with the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) on issues related to market-based response. John has been working on market-based food assistance programming for the U.S. Government since 2010. He holds a Master's degree from the University College of London.


Tahir Nour



World Vision International

Belete Temesgen 

Senior Technical Advisor – Cash and Market Based Programming

Belete Temesgen is a Senior Technical Advisor – Cash and Market Based Programming for World Vision International, in Washington DC. Belete has contributed to the Cash Based Assistance portfolio growth by developing systems and tools, building capacity of staff, supporting markets and response option analysis, reviewing proposals to donors and guiding field operations of Cash and Voucher based programs.

Prior to this, Belete was Emergency Food and Cash Based Programming Advisor and Program Development Advisor for WV's East Africa Region Food Assistance programs, covering nine countries. Belete holds a BSc in Agricultural Economics, International diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from Fordham University and MA in Organizational Leadership.

Women's Refugee Commission 

Tenzin Manell

Senior Program Officer, Livelihoods in Emergencies

Tenzin Manell is Senior Program Officer for Cash and Livelihoods at the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC). Tenzin conducts action research; provides technical assistance to cash and livelihood actors globally to ensure gender-sensitive, protective assistance; develops guidance and tools; and advocates for evidence-based practice that promotes resilience and self-reliance. She has worked on humanitarian and development projects in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Haiti, India, Iraq, Jordan, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Uganda. Prior to working with WRC, Tenzin worked with the British Red Cross and CARE. Tenzin holds a Master’s degree in Development Management from the London School of Economics.