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March 2016

The Cash Learning Bulletin

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter in 2016! In this installment, CaLP is excited to present its 100 Days of Cash Campaign, aiming to develop an Agenda for Cash ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit in May. In addition, we hear from UNHCR on their work relating to multipurpose cash grants and CaLP’s most recent publications on cash transfers in livelihoods programming are featured.

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100 Days of Cash: CaLP’s Contribution to the World Humanitarian Summit

On the 12th February 2016, CaLP launched its ‘100 Days of Cash’ campaign, aimed at aligning the efforts, activities, and knowledge of CaLPs’ stakeholders, with the goal of developing an Agenda for Cash ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit. Read on for more information on the objectives of the campaign and how you can be involved.

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Responding to Diverse Needs: Multipurpose Cash Grants

The growing use of cash transfers across a wide range of sectors provides opportunities for a paradigm shift to a more dignified, holistic approach to humanitarian assistance. Learn how UNHCR, in coordination with partners such as Oxfam, Save the Children, and the IRC, are using multipurpose cash grants to meet diverse needs and support local capacity and choice.

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The Use of Cash Transfer for Livelihoods: Considerations and Lessons Learned

The use of cash transfers to meet livelihoods objectives can be a highly effective means of supporting economic recovery, and of bridging humanitarian and development programming. This article presents two guidance notes published recently by CaLP based on workshops in Dakar and Guatemala City.

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New E-learning Module on Urban Cash Transfers Programming and Livelihoods

This new online course addresses the specificities of cash transfer programming for livelihoods in urban environments by exploring case studies and experiences from a number of organisations. The course presents different approaches, opportunities and challenges to cash transfer programming in urban environments.

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Browse market reports now on the Cash Atlas!

The Cash Atlas includes now a new layer of information on markets. With this new feature users will be able to upload and search market reports by type (EMMA, RAM, Trader Survey...), market system, organisation, date and location.

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CaLP in your region


In Asia, CaLP organised a Regional Cash Working Group focused on preparedness and strengthening capacity, and took part in a Cash Transfer Programming and Persons of Concern Workshop, looking at the use of Cash Transfer Programming in providing humanitarian assistance for Persons of Concern. 

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West Africa

In this period, CaLP Office in West Africa has focused more on coordination support to countries in region and to capacity building, building on activities from previous periods, and in line with ongoing initiatives at global level related to social protection, multipurpose cash among other things.

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East Africa

CaLP in East Africa supported the re-activation of a Cash Working Group in Ethiopia. In parallel, CaLP took part in trainings facilitated by CashCap in Nairobi and published a study on preparedness to and coordination of cash transfers in the Asals of Kenya.

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North America

With the opening of CaLP's regional office in Washington D.C. in October 2015, CaLP North America has undertaken a needs assessment which will be used to inform its future activities. Read more to learn about the findings of this needs assessment, how CaLP North America plans to respond to these findings, and about upcoming trainings and events.

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Latest Resources



  • CTP Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) (click here)
  • Urban Cash Transfer Programming and Livelihoods E- learning (click here)
  • Cash Transfer Programming in the Asal's of Kenya (click here)


  • Transferts monétaires sans condition: perspectives et points de vue des bénéficiaires en RDC, au Népal et aux Philippines (click here)
  • Rapport de l’atelier d’apprentissage " Être prêt pour les transferts monétaires" (click here)


Training and events

Niger: Formation en analyse des marchés 28 March-1 April

Uganda: CaLP Level 2 Training 4-8 April 

Nigeria: CaLP Level 1 Training 14-15 April

Nigeria: CaLP Level 2 Training 18-22 April

Kenya: Market Analysis Training 2-6 May

Burkina Faso: Formation CaLP de niveau 2-6 May

North America:  Training of Trainers (ToT) 23-27 May

Nepal: CaLP Level 2 Training 23-27 May

Kenya: CaLP Level 2 Training 6-10 June

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Cash in the News


Digital Cash Transfers in Kakuma Camp

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Just give them the money: why are cash transfers only 6% of humanitarian aid?

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