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August 2016

The Cash Learning Bulletin

The uptake of cash transfers in large-scale humanitarian responses and protracted crises has significantly increased in the last few years. In this newsletter we look at opportunities to use cash transfers in persons of concern’s contexts and how this can contribute to provide essential assistance to the most vulnerable POC. 

Inclusive Coordination Systems, working with new Partners, initial analysis and institutionalization of CTP are the topics of our new videos on preparedness! Watch the interviews with the experts here to learn more about it!

While the Ebola outbreak has now been contained, survivors and families of victims are facing huge challenges in restoring damaged livelihoods. The use of CTP in supporting communities affected by Ebola is the focus of CaLP’s new project in the region which we are pleased to introduce below.

In an exclusive interview, Roger Dean, NRC’s Remote Cash Project lead, answers questions about how cash transfers can best be tailored to remote programming.

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Cash Transfer Programming and Persons of Concern

This article sheds light on opportunities presented by CTP  to face the challenges posed by  displacement, with a specific focus on Asia.  Based on a workshop held in Asia, CaLP’s briefing note highlights evolving practices in this area and key recommendations to enhance the assessment, design, delivery and monitoring of CTP in persons of concern contexts.

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Documenting learning from cash transfer programming in the Ebola context

CaLP in West Africa is launching a new Cash and Ebola project that aims to optimize the use of CTP in future crises by documenting, analyzing and providing recommendations from the use of CTP in the Ebola Crisis.

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Cash Transfers in Remote Emergency Programming: focus on risk mitigation

Humanitarian agencies increasingly deliver cash in locations with significant access constraints. Roger Dean, lead of the Remote Cash Project, answers questions about how cash transfers can be used as an effective modality of response in such contexts.

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Our New Members!

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CaLP in your region


Find out more about the conclusions of our forthcoming scoping study on the feasibility and appropriateness of CTP in the Pacific Island Countries as well as on our capacity building activities.

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West Africa

A new project on the response to Ebola, a study on coordination mechanisms in the region and a regional cash working group meeting are among the highlights in West Africa.

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East Africa

This quarter, CaLP East Africa’s capacity building activities have revolved around three specialised trainings, covering both market analysis and social protection. "Local economic impact of cash transfers" was the theme of this quarter’s regional cash working group, which was held jointly with WFP.

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North America

It has been an exciting quarter for CaLP North America with the launch of their Regional Cash Working Group, a new research partnership with CRS and Samaritan’s Purse on multi-modal programming, and  advocacy in anticipation of the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants.

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Latest Resources


  • Cash Transfer Programming and People of Concern (click here)
  • Responsible Digital Payments Guidelines (click here)
  • Cash transfers: what does the evidence say? A rigorous review of programme impact and of the role of design and implementation features (click here)
  • The Other Side of the Coin. The comparative evidence of Cash and in kind transfers in humanitarian situations (click here


  • Les modèles de coordination des transferts monétaires en Afrique de l'Ouest: Mali et Mauritanie (click here)
  • Travailler avec des filets sociaux basés sur des transferts monétaires dans des contextes humanitaires - Note d'orientation pour les acteurs humanitaires (click here

Training and events

Uganda: Response Analysis Training for Operational Leaders 20 - 22 September (Kampala)

South Sudan: Market Analysis Training 3 - 7 October (Juba)

Uganda: Market Analysis Training 7 - 11 November (Kampala)

Ethiopia: Market Analysis Training 21-26 November (Addis Ababa)

Tanzania: Market Analysis Training 5 - 9 December (Dar es Salaam)

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Cash in the News

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