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People-centered, commitments, collaboration, localisation, efficiency, safety nets, standards, cash: this are some of the words that have defined the humanitarian discourse in 2016. It has been a year or diversity and growth, and we would like to celebrate it.  Cash took centre-stage in 2016, with some impressive global level commitments on cash scale-up, and signs of these being manifested in practice (did you know the Turkey Emergency Social Safety Net programme will reach 1m refugees in 2017?).

Being the season of sharing, we wanted to close the year with a special delivery for our community of practice. For the next 24 days, the CaLP team will be delivering to you a festive roundup of this year’s CTP highlights. We have curated an exciting combination of the most important cash resources produced in 2016, with fresh analysis of what the developments of 2016 mean for the world of cash. 

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Cash Advent Calendar