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Background and rationale for CaLP’s work

CaLP supports policy processes that influence Cash and Voucher Assistance. We bring neutral analysis to debates, and help identify the common ground that enables progress. We also work to ensure that different voices are heard in key debates, from across our membership.

Our policy work is based on our Global Framework for Action, which lays out a roadmap for increasing the scale and quality of cash transfer programming. 

In addition to working with individual organisations, we work closely with key groups including:

  • The Cash Workstream of the Grand Bargain,
  • The Cash Workstream of the Good Humanitarian Donorship Initiative,
  • Clusters and inter-cluster bodies, and other coordinator actors.

CaLP strategic objective and targets to 2020 

Our strategic objective for policy work is to: “Ensure influential policy processes advance CVA and the global framework for action”.

Our targets are: 

  1. Support for CVA is built and maintained in public opinion and major policy and multilateral processes.
  2. Humanitarian stakeholders regularly come together to address common issues and follow through on their commitments to increase the scale and quality of CVA.
  3. Catalyse the creation of predictable and reliable mechanisms for the strategic coordination of CVA globally.

 This work directly enables all six of the Global Objectives set out in the Global Framework for Action.