- CaLP's strategy

Strategic Objectives for 2017-2020

Our Vision is that humanitarian assistance creates the greatest value, choice and dignity for people in crisis.

Our Mission is to radically increase the scale and quality of Cash and Voucher Assistance as a tool for humanitarian assistance. 


During the last ten years, the international humanitarian system has recognised the immense potential of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA). Evidence to date has demonstrated that, in the right circumstances, CVA is a more efficient and effective way to provide aid than traditional in-kind assistance. CVA stimulates local economies to assist recovery and strengthens the dignity of people in crisis. When cash is used well, it enables limited aid budgets to achieve greater humanitarian results.

Cash can also contribute to wider reform of humanitarian assistance. It can be used for multiple purposes across different sectors. It can be delivered by new actors using new technology that disrupts and disintermediates aid. It can link directly to government social protection safety nets. CVA enables new levels of transparency, as cash can be tracked directly from donor to recipient. It supports local actors to use scarce resources for recovery in ways that work for them. All this means that CVA creates new opportunities to improve aid and has political implications within the humanitarian system, challenging established interests and ways of working.

Cash is not a magic bullet. It is only appropriate when markets are functioning adequately. It cannot deliver the full range of humanitarian outcomes in all situations. CVA still requires careful programme design, targeting and implementation relevant to the local context. 

In 2015, it was estimated that just 6% of humanitarian assistance was delivered through cash. In 2016, many major humanitarian organisations made significant public commitments to increase the scale and quality of Cash and Voucher Assistance. These include the commitments made in the Grand Bargain and at the World Humanitarian Summit. They are closely linked to ECHO’s 10 Common Principles, adopted by the Council of Europe in 2015. They draw from a wide range of well informed analysis and recommendations. 

CaLP’s Objectives

CaLP brings humanitarian actors together to address the many collective aspects of the global framework for action. This is our unique role and contribution. We also provide some services to individual members, based on best practice from across the sector.

The work of CaLP’s secretariat is summarised in four strategic objectives:

Capacity building: Provide specialist capacity building services and advice.

As a result of CaLP’s work, all humanitarian organisations will be able to build their capacity to deliver quality Cash and Voucher Assistance, based on the best available knowledge. This is a crucial component of preparing for and delivering an increase in the scale and quality of Cash and Voucher Assistance.

2. Knowledge management & research: Make the evidence base easily accessible, improve it and apply it through standards and tools

CaLP will bring actors together to develop standards and tools that codify best practice, using processes that ensure that the finished products represent a range of views and enjoy a high degree of legitimacy.

CaLP will provide decision makers and practitioners with powerful summaries of existing knowledge, as well as providing easy access to the key source materials. We will also bring organisations together to identify and fill the most pressing evidence gaps, and to foster and learn from each other’s innovation.

3. Coordination: Provide specialist support to coordinating bodies.

CaLP will work with others to improve coordination of CVA at the national, regional and global levels. We will provide practical support and guidance that helps coordinating bodies to achieve more, wherever they are positioned in formal structures. This will meet an urgently felt need, realising more of the benefits of Cash and Voucher Assistance.

4. Policy: Ensure influential policy processes advance CVA and the global framework for action.

CaLP will identify, create and act on opportunities to advance all aspects of the global framework for action in significant policy processes. This is necessary in order to keep attention on cash and deliver on commitments.

You can download the full strategy document here