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Webinar: Micro-level changes in market recovery and growth: the Ebola CTP experience in

30th May 2018

The effects of cash transfers on markets at the macro level is relatively well documented, but how much do we know about its effect on local producer groups and traders? To what extent can cash transfers stimulate local economies in remote areas?

Since 2016, CaLP has been working on several research projects to document the use of cash transfers as a means of response to the Ebola crisis. The last piece of research analyses the food security outcomes of the USAID / Food for Peace funded Ebola cash transfer intervention in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Some interesting micro-level changes in market recovery and growth were identified, including an increase in the number of traders in villages targeted by the intervention.

To know more about the topic drawing on the Ebola experience, join us for a webinar on the 30th of May at 2pm UTC time (10am EST).