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Monitoring 4 CTP in Washington, DC, US

14th December 2018

About this course:

This 1-day course aims to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence of field-based practitioners to support and undertake monitoring of humanitarian cash and voucher programmes. 

Course Aim:

The course is based on CaLP's Monitoring Guidance for CTP in Emergencies. It includes specific guidance on monitoring multi-purpose grants (MPGs), based on the learning from the ECHO ERC-funded Consortium for the uptake of quality, collaborative, multi-purpose grants (MPGs). 

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the CTP project logic and the relationship between the project logic and project monitoring 
  • Recognize process and outcome indicators for CTP
  • Describe how modality and delivery mechanisms influence which data need to be gathered
  • Explain how monitoring MPGs differs from monitoring single-sector interventions
  • Explain which data can be gathered with which data collection method 

Who is this course for?

This course targets staff involved in monitoring who collect, analyse, and use monitoring data. These people may be in a special monitoring unit, part of a programmes team or associated with a particular sector. 

Deadline to register: December 7.

To apply, please click here and for any additional inquiries please contact Karen Pinzon.