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Webinar: Introducing the Cash Coordination Tipsheet in

14th November 2019

The coordination of cash and voucher assistance has been an important and contested issue across the humanitarian system for the past several years. CaLP’s State of the World’s Cash Report found that cash actors see cash coordination systems as generally weak and ad hoc, with lack of clarity over responsibility and scope having serious operational impacts. In the absence of global agreement on what is needed from cash coordination and who is responsible, cash coordination mechanisms look different in every humanitarian context. However, there is a growing body of tools, guidance and best practice which can support stronger cash coordination even in the absence of global agreements.

CaLP has developed a tipsheet setting out established best practice and key guidance and resources for all aspects of cash coordination, intended as a clear, accessible and action-oriented guide for those engaged in coordination of cash and voucher assistance at the field level. Gaby Smith, who has supported CaLP on this work, will present the draft tipsheet and invite feedback from actors across the CaLP network to inform the final version. What have we missed and how can we make this more useful to you. Please join us for an informative and interactive session.  

Please join the webinar, on the 14 November at 3pm CET time, using this link: https://cashlearning.zoom.us/j/723633869