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CASH WEEK: Putting responsible data management and beneficiary protection at the heart of our work in Dakar, Ngor, Diarama

26th November 2019

According to the State of the World’s Cash Report, the biggest barrier to more effective and extensive usage of CVA is the perceived risks of CVA, mainly because of concerns about misappropriation or leakage of cash. In 2018 and 2019, CaLP conducted a variety of activities on CVA and risk, with the goal to lower the barriers and constraints of systematic adoption and consideration of CVA. It is within this framework that CaLP brings actors together to improve collaboration between humanitarian and private sector actors, while raising awareness of potential risks, challenges and opportunities.

The event will focus on beneficiary protection and data responsibility, and will bring together representatives of governments, private sector, donors, as well as operational agencies from different countries in the region. The meeting is open to all, please register via this link.

Simultaneous translation will be provided in French and English, travel and accommodation expenses in Dakar are the responsibility of the participating organizations.