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CASH WEEK: Localisation, CVA Institutionalisation and Cash Readiness in London, UK

4th December 2019

As part the Grand Bargain commitments, localisation is properly emphasised as crucial to improving humanitarian response. Within cash and voucher assistance programming, local and national responders offer perspectives and capacities to improve design and implementation by nature of their understanding of and proximity to beneficiaries. Many humanitarian organisations work with local organisations as partners, and many of those local partners would benefit from improving skills and systems to more effectively engage with CVA. This session will explore needs, current actions and future opportunities for local organisations to build their capacity, and be viable, strong partners in CVA planning and delivery by discussing three related topics:

  • the Grand Bargain commitment to localisation
  • the presence of CaLP member orgs who are local/national orgs who can speak to their realities of becoming 'cash ready'
  • CaLP's offer of the Organisational Cash Readiness Tool as a resource to help organisations conduct a self-assessment to identify gaps and required capacity needs for enhancing their ability to engage in CVA

This panel and plenary discussion will include: 

  • how efforts to strengthen local (ie, close to beneficiaries) capacity for CVA design and implementation might be achieved,
  • how CaLP's OCRT can support organisational readiness,
  • what CaLP members can do and are doing.