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CASH WEEK: Shaping the direction of the CaLP network: what is the ambition between now and 2023 in London, UK

5th December 2019

CaLP is in the process of developing of a new strategic vision and supporting objectives, with the help of an external consultant and our members. CaLP’s current strategic plan runs from 2017-2020.  There is need to reflect on progress and develop a new plan to guide CaLP’s work over the next three years.

The new strategy will need to ensure that CaLP is providing the support, guidance and thought leadership necessary to help our membership navigate a rapidly-changing environment, oriented towards providing more effective, efficient and accountable assistance to crisis-affected people. 

Given the dynamic and fast-moving space within which CaLP operates, the new strategy needs to contain a clear vision for CaLP’s role and the objectives to support this, but will need to be flexible on how to achieve these. 

This session will provide opportunities for CaLP members and the CVA community to shape the future direction of the CaLP network.