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Training Partner Organisations


CaLP has announced training partnerships with Bioforce, RedR UK and Key Aid Consulting on the delivery of CaLP-accredited courses, extending the reach of CaLP’s capacity building efforts. These partnerships are an important step towards meeting the training needs of the Cash and Voucher Assistance community.

Whilst these training partner organisations will continue their usual suite of trainings, they will now also offer ‘CaLP-accredited’ courses, indicating that the training is led by either CaLP staff or a CaLP-certified trainer, and uses training materials developed by CaLP.

The CaLP team will also continue to deliver our own courses, but these exciting new partnerships enable more humanitarian actors to gain the skills they need to deliver quality Cash and Voucher Assistance.

You can find the full list of upcoming training dates to be delivered by CaLP and in partnership with these organisations on the CaLP Training Calendar.

If you have any further questions on this topic, please view our Q&A page.