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Cash and Protection Workshop 2015 - Nairobi, Kenya

On 10-12 March 2015, OXFAM, CaLP, UNHCR and WFP led an inter-agency workshop on cash and protection. Funded by ECHO, the workshop is one of the activities under a UNHCR-led Enhanced Response Capacity project that aims to improve understanding of the operational implications of multipurpose grants and explore the implications for protection of cash-based interventions (CBI).

Eighteen NGOs, as well as ECHO, UNHCR and WFP regional staff reflected upon their cash programming experience incorporating protection, brainstormed minimum protection requirements for CBI-specific tools, and developed protection objectives, outcomes and indicators for cash-based programs.

The gathering is viewed as the start of an ongoing process of learning and exchange in the East Africa and Great Lakes region to improve mainstreaming of protection in cash-based interventions and exploration of the use of cash to contribute to meeting protection needs.

Photo: UNHCR / 2015

Participants agreed:

1. To encourage the integration of protection risk analysis into all stages of the programme management cycle within their organisations.

2. To begin to apply in their organisations the joint recommendations on minimum protection requirements in the content and methodology of needs assessment, market assessment and post-distribution monitoring tools that they developed in the group work.

3. To immediately bring forward the specific recommendations on minimum protection standards in the region, and to feed these into the global ERC tools and guidance, to inform minimum standards on cash and protection and related training materials.

To read the Communique in full, click here. Annex I (Proposed Minimum Protection Requirements for Tools for Cash-Based Interventions) can be accessed here, and Annex II (Protection Risks and Benefits) can be accessed here.