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"Cash Atlas" - CaLP's cash mapping tool

Cash transfer programmes are increasingly being used as a viable response in emergency situations throughout the world.

“Cash and vouchers together have risen from less than 1% in 2004 to around 6% of total humanitarian spending today. ”[1].

On top of the increase in volume, the context-dependant aspect of cash based interventions requires programmes to adopt greater flexibility. This results in very diverse programme modalities according to the situation in which they are implemented. Cash transfer programmes have been frequently used in the food security and livelihood sector but are now being used in other sectors such as WASH or shelter, and in cross-sectoral interventions.

In this period of increasing use and diversification of cash based interventions, there is a need to assess how cash programmes are being implemented globally.

In this light, CaLP developed a cash mapping tool aiming to visually represent the usage of cash transfer programmes at a global level.

Cash Atlas User Tutorials

To support users in getting the best from what the Cash Atlas has to offer, CaLP has created four user tutorials. These videos provide guidance on how to use the Cash Atlas, how to add and modify projects, how to upload market reports, and how to access and download market reports. The videos are featured below.

Cash Atlas User Tutorial 1: Overview

This step-by-step user tutorial guides you through using the key features of the Cash Atlas, showing you how to find the right information amongst the 1000+ projects now available!


Cash Atlas User Tutorial 2: Project Entry

This tutorial presents the project entry process so that you can share information on your programmes.


Cash Atlas User Tutorial 3: Uploading Market Reports

This tutorial presents how you upload market reports to the Cash Atlas.


Cash Atlas User Tutorial 4: Accessing Market Reports

Discover how to search for and download the market reports you are looking for.



[1] ODI (2015), 'Doing cash differently', Report of the High Level Panel on Humanitarian Cash Transfers

Key features

  • An interactive map representing the number of projects at several levels of information. 
  • Extractable data at any level, allowing users to use the data and save it.
  • A database of contacts.
  • A graph generation module allowing users to analyse trends. 
  • Restricted access to respect confidentiality in security-sensitive areas.
  • A market layer which allows users to upload, access, and download market reports
  • Availability in English, French and Spanish.


  • By visually demonstrating the use and utility of CTPs across different sectors and contexts, the Cash Atlas will provide a tool that can be used in advocacy to promote consideration and appropriate use of CTP in humanitarian response.

Learning exchange

The Cash Atlas will:

  • provide an overview of the use of cash transfer programmes at a global level
  • facilitate access to information on cash transfer programmes
  • enable organisations to link up on projects, exchange and learn
  • enable organisations to assess and compare how CTPs are being used
  • enable organisations to share, access, and download market reports using the market layer

Key information displayed

  • Name of the implementing agency and contact details
  • Location, budget and timeline of the project
  • Donors
  • Sectors and objectives
  • Modality, distribution mechanisms and delivery agents
  • Market reports that can be browsed by market system, type of report, date

If you would like more information, please write to this address: communications@cashlearning.org