Cash and Voucher Assistance and Risk: Key Resources

How to: Tools & Guidelines

General: CVA & Risk

CBA Programme Quality Toolbox - Risk and opportunity Assessment (CaLP)

Cash Transfers in Remote Emergency Programming (ECHO & NRC, 2016) 

Corruption, misappropriation and leakage

USAID/OFDA Proposal Guidelines: Risk Mitigation for High Risk Environments (USAID, May 2018) 

Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Operations (TI, 2014) 

Compliance and Fraud concerns in E-Transfers (Mercy Corps, 2014) 

Data Protection & Digital payments

CBA Programme Quality Toolbox – Registration and data protection (CaLP)

Protecting Beneficiary Privacy (CaLP, 2013)

Data starter kit for humanitarian field staff (ELAN, 2016) 

The Signal Code: Ethical Obligations for Humanitarian Information Activities (HHI, 2018) 

Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action (ICRC, 2017) 

Evidence & Other Resources  

General: CVA & Risk

Cash is no riskier than other forms of aid. So why do we still treat in-kind like the safer option? (CaLP, 2019)

Cash Transfer Programming in Armed Conflict: The ICRC's Experience (ICRC, 2018)

Case Study on CTP and Risks in Yemen, full report and summary (2018)

Case Study on Risk in Mali, in both English and French (2018) 

Conflict-sensitive cash transfers: unintended negative consequences (IDS, Aug 2017)

Cash Transfers in Emergencies: Evaluating Benefits and Assessing Risks (HPN, 2016) 

Seeking Acceptance: The Promise of Cash in High-Risk Areas (Ali & Churchill-Smith, 2016) 

Risk and humanitarian cash transfer programming - Background Note for the High Level Panel on Humanitarian Cash Transfers (ODI, 2015) 


The Power of Financial Aid: People Spend the money responsibly – not on alcohol and cigarettes (CaLP) 

Myth-busting? Confronting Six Common Perceptions about Unconditional Cash Transfers as a Poverty Reduction Strategy in Africa (UNICEF, 2017) 

Cash Transfers: Myth vs Reality (FAO 2016): Infographic Video 

Cash Transfers and Temptation Goods – A Review of Global Evidence (World Bank, 2014) 

Corruption, misappropriation and leakage

Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Assistance – Final Research Report (2008) 

Need and greed: corruption risks, perceptions and prevention in humanitarian assistance (HPG, 2008) 

De-risking & counter-terrorism

Principles under Pressure: the impact of counterterrorism measures and preventing/countering violent extremism on principled humanitarian action (NRC, 2018)

The impact of bank de-risking on the humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis (HPG, 2018)

Counter-terrorism, de-risking and the humanitarian response in Yemen: a call for Action (HPG, Feb 2018)

The challenge of informality: counter-terrorism, bank de-risking and financial access for humanitarian organisations in Somalia (HPG, June 2018) 

UK humanitarian aid in the age of counter-terrorism: perceptions and reality (HPG, 2015) 

Counter-terrorism and humanitarian action – Tensions, impact and ways forward (HPG, 2011) 

Data Protection & Digital payments

The Humanitarian Metadata Problem: "Doing No Harm" in the Digital Era (ICRC & Privacy International, 2018)

Humanitarianism in the Age of Cyber-Warfare: Towards the Principled and Secure Use of Information in Humanitarian Emergencies (OCHA, 2014) 

Communications Technology and Humanitarian Delivery: Challenges and Opportunities for Security Risk Management (EISF, 2014)