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Background and rationale for CaLP’s work

Coordination and facilitation has been a core part of CaLP’s identity since our inception. Principles of collaboration, dialogue and action underpin the means by which CaLP has driven progress within the sector. 

A critical component of CaLP’s previous strategy was an intentional drive to seek formal leadership in cash coordination within the humanitarian architecture, and the continued support for this is reflected in this outcome. The challenges inherent in the cross sector nature of CVA have been embraced by the humanitarian sector more broadly and there is increasing recognition of the importance of mainstreaming humanitarian coordination based on improved quality and lessons learned from the wider sector, including development, state and private actors. CaLP intend to continue to facilitate collaborative dialogue where the need and interest remains critical, as defined by our community of practice.

However, despite this progress cash transfers are not yet routinely considered as a means of delivering emergency assistance. One of the main constraints is the poorly defined responsibility for coordination of cash transfers. The place of cash is not always clear in a sector-based emergency coordination system.

To date, cash coordination has suffered from an ad hoc approach, with a lack of clarity on key issues such as leadership, resourcing, and linkages with the overall humanitarian response. Further dialogue is needed between those involved in emergency coordination mechanisms and other stakeholders from within and outside the UN system.

CaLP is committed to in improving the quality of coordination of Cash and Voucher Assistance in humanitarian response by supporting policy changes to improve the predictability of cash coordination and associated resourcing, working with mandated actors to develop guidance to support coordination, working bilaterally and collectively with clusters to embed cash in their coordination mechanisms, and supporting capacity of relevant actors. To achieve the above, CaLP provides support to coordination mechanisms at country, regional and global levels.

CaLP strategic objective and targets to 2020 

Our strategic objective for coordination work is to: "Provide specialist support to coordinating bodies".

Our targets are: 

  1. Provide guidance, capacity and support that the majority of national Cash Working Groups use to help them fulfill their roles.
  2. Support cash coordination at the regional level coordination at the regional level (including in Geneva), working closely with cash coordination bodies and focal points at country level

This work directly enables Global Objective #5 of CaLP’s Global Framework for Action: “Strengthen coordination”. CaLP will work with others to improve coordination of CVA at the national, regional and global levels. We will provide practical support and guidance that helps coordinating bodies to achieve more, wherever they are positioned in formal structures. This will meet an urgently felt need, realising more of the benefits of Cash and Voucher Assistance."

Visit our regional pages to learn more about CaLP’s regional initiatives and working groups in AsiaEast AfricaWest Africa and North America and the page of the Geneva-based CWG meetings.