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Asia Regional Cash Working Group

The Asia Regional Cash Working Group (RCWG) is based in Bangkok, Thailand. It was established by CaLP as a platform for programme managers, regional advisors, technical professionals / experts as well as non-programme related units, (such as finance, supply chain, ICT, security) interested or dedicated to Cash and Voucher Assistance in the Asia and Pacific* region.

It has now transitioned to the Asia-Pacific Regional Working Group, and is supported by a co-chairing arrangement between WFP, IFRC and OCHA. It’s overarching aim is to improve the quality and coordination, increasing the scale (where relevant/appropriate) and broadening the scope of and use of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) through shared learnings/lessons learnt across the region, leveraging common approaches that are regionally relevant and built on best practice.

Specifically, the objectives of the RCWG are:

  1. Strengthening coordination of CVA across the Asia and Pacific region in ongoing operations, preparedness and response 

  2. Standardize and harmonize CVA standards and common approaches including with regards to the regional specific context of emergency response and preparedness 

  3. Share organizational and regional experiences across region and discuss regional specific themes and challenges 

  4. Identify appropriate regional advocacy methods to promote quality and appropriate CVA programmes and propose key ways forward

The RCWG lead is hosted by WFP and works closely with Cash Working Groups in the region.

For more information on the RCWG please see the Regional Cash Working Group page.

* Whilst there is a Pacific Regional Working Group meeting out of Suva, Fiji the Asia Working Group will continue to collaborate with the Pacific team, inviting them for meetings and learning events. 

Regional Cash Working Group Documents

Regional Cash Working Group Minutes

For documents from previous meetings, please refer to the Cash Working Group Documents Archive.


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