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Sector-specific and multi-sector CTP

Why is this theme important?

The needs of crisis affected people can be addressed through sector-specific Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) or multi-sectoral approaches to CTP, including Multipurpose Grants (MPGs).

Sector-specific CTP addresses the need of only one humanitarian sector, such as water, food, health, shelter, livelihood, protection or others. In contrast, multi-sector CTP is a coordinated approach - of one organization or a range of organizations - to deliver cash transfer programming addressing the needs of two or more sectors, possibly using one delivery mechanism.

Multipurpose Grants (MPGs) are multi-sectoral cash transfers corresponding to the amount of money a household needs to cover a set of basic needs. MPGs are by definition unrestricted cash transfers. They are designed to offer people affected by crisis a maximum degree of flexibility, dignity and efficiency commensurate with their diverse needs.

To ensure good quality sector-specific and multi-sector CTP the six Global Objectives of the Global Framework for Action have to be pursued: all the humanitarian sectors have to build sufficient capacity for CTP, strengthen the evidence base for all types of CTP interventions, and ensure that cash is routinely considered alongside other modalities. Furthermore, the coordination of CTP needs to be strengthened and sufficient funding needs to be available for sectoral and multi-sectoral CTP


Credit: Photo taken in the Mangaize Refugee Camp during the field visit undertaken for the case study development by young refugees to document their daily life and how UNHCR intervention contributes to improving their living conditions

What should progress look like in this area?

To best meet the needs of crisis affected people, by 2020 multi-sector CTP and MPGs must routinely be considered as an efficient and effective means of meeting multiple needs (in combination with other forms of assistance, as appropriate).

To achieve this progress, the following investments are required:

  • Design tools and processes for multi-sector programming
  • Strengthen Situation and Response Analysis to inform objective decision-making
  • Build capacity about socio-economic analysis
  • Build consensus on multi-sector outcome level indicators
  • Address perceived sector-specific limitations of unrestricted cash transfers (e.g. shelter, health)
  • Integrate CTP coordination in the humanitarian architecture
  • Ensure sufficient funding is available for multi-sector response needs and MPGs
  • Build capacity amongst practitioners and decision makers to deliver multi-sector responses




Sector-Specific Intervention:

It refers to a CTP intervention designed to achieve sector-specific objectives. Sector-specific cash transfers can be restricted or unrestricted, and conditional or unconditional.

Multipurpose Cash Grant (MPG) / Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MCA): 

MPGs or MCAs are defined as a transfer (either regular or one-off) corresponding to the amount of money a household needs to cover, fully or partially, a set of basic and/or recovery needs. They are by definition unrestricted cash transfers


Please find below a collection of sector-specific resources. A detailed list of resources for Protection, Livelihoods, and Multipurpose Grants are available on the respective pages.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)




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