CTP  and Protection

A partnership of UN agencies and non-governmental organizations led by UNHCR, with support from ECHO’s Enhanced Response Capacity (ERC) grant worked together in 2014-2015 to increase emergency preparedness and capacity to deliver multi-purpose cash grants and to understand the protection risks and benefits of cash-based interventions. The project aimed to strengthen organizational capacity for cash-based interventions and protection through consolidated and adapted tools, and the development of guidance and training materials.

Two areas of cash and protection were addressed: mainstreaming protection in cash-based interventions, and exploring the use of cash to contribute to protection outcomes. The project engaged key organizations in the cash and protection communities of practice to review, adapt and share existing tools, conduct field research and deploy experts to emergencies. Field guidance and tools for Cash and Protection are now available on this website:

Cash and protection action research was carried out in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Afghanistan. Short-term deployments took place in Kenya, Liberia, Ukraine, Myanmar, Egypt, Tanzania, Rwanda and Jordan. Preliminary research and deployment findings were shared at a Learning Event in Geneva in November 2015, bringing together ERC partners, other agencies and donors.

A Training on Protection in Cash-based Interventions was developed, based on the Guide for Protection in Cash-based Interventions, and was piloted in Amman, Jordan in December 2015. The full training package is  available here.

Additional work carried out by ERC project partners and advisers has focused on developing a multi-purpose cash grant toolkit examining beneficiary information management and privacy, and developing training materials on data protection and electronic transfers

More information is available on CaLP’s thematic pages on Multipurpose Cash Grants and Beneficiary Data Protection.