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East Africa Regional Cash Working Group

The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) co-leads the East Africa Regional Cash and Voucher Working Group (RCVWG) based in Nairobi, Kenya. The East Africa RCVWG is a dedicated platform which is designed to share information, provide peer technical support, coordinate and foster learning about cash and voucher transfer programming in the region. The RCVWG involves humanitarian stakeholders, donors, and private sector actors.

The CaLP East Africa Regional Representative, Karen Peachey, chairs the RCVWG and liaises with in-country Cash Working Groups (CWGs) in the region.

Please find the TORs here

For more information, please contact the CaLP Regional Representative at kpeachey@cashlearning.org.

Events & Updates

CaLP East Africa Regional Cash Working Group Meetings

The most recent Regional Cash Working Group was held on the 2nd of March 2017, at the IFRC offices in Nairobi.

See the agenda here.

This meeting discussed coordination from a number of angles, gathering input to feed into the GPPI draft White Paper (see here) and learning about the reality of coordination in different contexts.

Below are the meeting minutes and presentations from our previous meetings.

2017 March RCVWG meeting notes

2016 September RCVWG meeting presentations and minutes

2016 March RCVWG meeting minutes

2015 July RCVWG meeting presentations and minutes

2015 May RCVWG meeting presentations and minutes

2015 March RCVWG meeting presentations and minutes

2014 September RCVWG meeting presentations and minutes

CaLP East Africa Members Consultative Discussion

A round table consultative meeting was held on the 27th of February at the ACTED offices in Nairobi. The meeting was arranged to bring together some of CaLP's members in East Africa for a 'roundtable' discussion to consider regional CTP (Cash Transfer Programming) priorities. The aim was to start to shape an agenda on which we can work together and which will inform CaLP's plans in EA on the coming year/s. 

See the meeting notes here.

CaLP East Africa Learning Events

The last regional learning event was held in December. 

2015 - CaLP East Africa Learning Event



RCWG Contact Info

Karen Peachey

Regional Representative - East Africa


Charity Lukaya

East Africa Capacity Building Officer


Esther Mbogho

East Africa Administration & Communications Officer