Uganda Cash Working Group

The Uganda Cash Working Group brings together actors involved in Cash Transfer Programming in Uganda.

The CWG was launched in December 2016. The country currently hosts more than 870,000 refugees, and increasingly agencies are looking at how to provide quality humanitarian assistance through cash transfers to refugees. In this regard, the cash working group was set up to enable coordination,collaboration and knowledge sharing among the various cash actors in the country.

The TORs of the Cash Working Group can be found here  

Cash Working Group Documents

Cash Working Group Meetings

Meeting are held monthly and the meeting notes can be found below.

2017 September meeting minutes

2017 August meeting minutes

2017 July CWG meeting minutes

2017 June CWG meeting minutes

2017 May CWG meeting minutes

2017 April CWG meeting minutes

2017 March CWG meeting minutes

2017 February CWG meeting minutes

2017 January CWG meeting minutes

2016 December CWG meeting minutes












CWG Contacts

Naouelle Djamaa

Anyanzo Kenneth


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