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CaLP works in East Africa with a base in Nairobi, Kenya. Its broad objectives are to continue to support CaLP’s global efforts of building capacity, coordinating and advocating for the appropriate implementation of cash-based transfers in humanitarian work and emergency response.

Cash transfer (CT) programming has grown in scope and scale throughout East Africa in recent years.  Cash transfers (CTs) have proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach large numbers of households in a crisis situation. The focus on cash distribution as a humanitarian response fits within the current resilience discourse. Consequently NGOs increasingly propose CTs as a priority humanitarian (or early response) intervention. CTs, particularly at scale, enable households to meet a wide range of potential needs e.g. water, fodder, animal health services much more efficiently than could be addressed by individual NGO projects in each separate sector. Increasingly governments in East Africa are establishing formal cash based social protection systems that provide on-going support to poorest and most vulnerable households.

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For more information on coordination, please contact , CaLP East Africa Regional Focal Point at eastafrica@cashlearning.org 

For more information on training and events, please contact CaLP East Africa Capacity Building Officer at training.mochieng@cashlearning.org

For more information on communications, please contact Esther Mbogho, CaLP East Africa Administration and Communications Officer admin.eastafrica@cashlearning.org