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Cash delivery mechanism sample training materials

The following are examples of participant training materials for various cash delivery mechanisms in different contexts. They are intended to help inspire the design of future training materials. Thank you to those who contributed to this set of examples. If your organization has examples you would like to contribute, please contact Giselle Miguens digitalcomms@cashlearning.org 

Topic Type of Material Country Language Date
ATM Training Materials    
Differences between CSC ATM Card & WFP E-Card  Powerpoint Lebanon English 2013
ATM Card TOT guidelines   Word document Lebanon English 2013
Instructions on card use  - written only PDF Lebanon Arabic  
Instructions for ATM use  - with images PDF Jordan Arabic  
ATM training videos Video Greece English/Farsi/Urdu 2016
How to use a POS terminal at a merchant PDF Greece English/Arabic/Farsi/Urdu 2016
ATM use training sheet  PDF  Greece English/Arabic/Farsi/Urdu 2016
E-Voucher Training Materials    
E-voucher training materials and signs PDF  Nepal Nepali 2013
Differences between CSC ATM Card & WFP E-Card  Powerpoint Lebanon English 2013
Quick reference guide for merchants PDF Yemen Arabic 2015
Quick reference guide for recipients PDF  Yemen Arabic 2015
Mobile Money      
Mobile Money poster examples Images Kenya, Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire, Pakistan, Cambodia, DRC Various  
Training flip charts for farmers PDF Bangladesh Bengali  
Mobile Money Manual PDF Bangladesh Bengali  
Bkash menu examples  Word Document Bangladesh English with Bengali  
HelloCash customer brochure PDF brochure Ethiopia English  
HelloCash poster PDF poster Ethiopia English  
Ecocash guidance on communicating about mobile money use Word document Burundi  French  
Program poster Word Document Niger N/A  
ARCC Poster: How to use your mobile money account PDF  DRC French  
Mobile Phone (Money) Training Basics Word Document N/A English  

Guide to withdrawals and transfers

PDF Mali French, Bambara, Songhai, Tamasheq, Fulfulde 2017
Physical Cash Out     
Cash grant posters Word Document Haiti English/Creole  
Cash distribution site setup: executing social safety net program PDF Niger French