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About the Electronic Cash Transfer Learning Action Network (ELAN) 

The Electronic Cash Transfer Learning Action Network (ELAN) works to improve the impact of humanitarian cash transfers through the appropriate use of payments technology. We’re a network of service providers, humanitarian practitioners, and donors who research and share best practice around e-transfer products, services, and practices

What We’ve Done

In 2015-16, the ELAN focused on building basic knowledge around e-transfers, strengthening relationships between private sector and humanitarian actors, and improving data protection. Explore our key resources

Our Current Priorities

Now, we’re concentrating on fine-tuning e-transfer products and services and improving capacity building and tools.

Products and Services

We provide opportunities for service providers and technology actors to test and receive feedback on relevant product and services. Join an upcoming Humanitarian Payments Lab design session and find providers and products through our Cash Catalog.

Capacity Building and Tools

We started this in the first two years, but there’s still more work to do. So we continue to focus on conducting good payment infrastructure assessments, exploring pathways to financial inclusion, and improving data protection and management capacity.  

Get Involved

Join our community of practice! Receive our monthly digest of cutting-edge articles and regular updates about upcoming webinars.

Need Help?

We’re available to provide remote and occasional in-country technical assistance for your humanitarian e-transfer program. Send us a request, and we’ll be in touch!