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CaLP and ELAN members often use the same terms in different ways. With feedback from our members, we established common terms and usage notes for our resources.

Featured Resource

Cash Catalog Failure Brief

The ELAN launched the Cash Catalog in November 2016 to make it easier to connect financial service providers (FSPs) to humanitarian clients. One year later, it's failed to attract enough FSPs to make the online marketplace work. In light of this failure, we're retiring the Cash Catalog and documenting what we learned.




Resources by Topic

Product Experiences and Regulation 

Over the past two years, the ELAN has hosted a series of workshops to improve e-transfer products and processes. Resources below include recommendations to strengthen use of a particular delivery mechanism or relationships between private sector partners and humanitarian actors.


Financial Inclusion

Humanitarian e-transfer programs may represent an opportunity to increase financial inclusion for program participants. The ELAN has summarized the basics of financial inclusion and explored when and how programs can influence uptake of new financial services.


 Data Management and Protection 

E-transfer programs inherently collect, store, and share personally-identifiable data on program participants. Good data management and protection are fundamental to responsible programming.


Geographic-specific Resources

The ELAN has devoted extra attention to a couple of geographies. New resources will be added as they are developed.



The ELAN is a network of service providers, humanitarian practitioners, and donors working to improve the impact of cash transfers through the appropriate use of payments technology. Learn more about the work we're doing and our current priorities here.

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