ELAN's Webinars

The ELAN holds webinars to highlight e-transfer learning from different field contexts and topics. Below are summaries of past webinars and links to recordings. If you are interested in highlighting a program on a future webinar, please contact us.

ELAN Webinar: Préparation pour mobile money en RDC et au Mali / Preparing for mobile money in DRC and Mali [French]

Avec le soutien de NetHope et l’USAID, Mercy Corps a travaillé au cours de l’année 2017 à renforcer les capacités des équipes en RDC et au Mali afin de sélectionner les opérateurs téléphoniques partenaires, de bien définir les procédures opérationnels standards à suivre par les programmes qui utilisent les paiements électroniques et d’élaborer les stratégies pour promouvoir l’utilisation des comptes mobile money par les bénéficiaires. Rejoignez Anne Camara et Marc Kabala pour apprendre de leurs expériences avec les opérateurs et les programmes de paiement électronique dans les deux pays.

 Learn about Mercy Corps’ experience implementing a preparedness for digital cash transfers in DRC and Mali with USAID and NetHope support. The teams selected mobile network operator partners, defined standard operating procedures for electronic payments and developed plans for beneficiaries to increase their use of mobile money accounts. Join Anne Camara and Marc Kabala to hear more about their experiences with mobile network operators and electronic payment programs in both countries. Please note that this webinar is in French.



ELAN Webinar: Save the Children's Mobile Money Experiences in Somalia

Learn about Save the Children Somalia's 2016 drought response, which included unconditional cash transfers delivered via Mobile Money to over 10,000 households. The webinar discusses the extent to which mobile money increased digital awareness, person-to-business transfers and expanded access and or engagement with financial services, such as savings.

Panel Discussion: Pathways from Emergency E-transfers to Financial Services

Speakers from CGAP, Mercy Corps, Save the Children, Strategic Impact Advisors, and USAID present research findings from Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe Zimbabwe on uptake and use of digital financial services. Includes comparisons across the research  and a broader discussion of customer-centricity.


ELAN Webinar: Mercy Corps' Use of E-vouchers in Uganda 

Learn how Mercy Corps’ switch from paper to e-vouchers skyrocketed rates of redemption. This webinar covers how e-vouchers (and e-money payments) enabled more in-depth support to agricultural input dealers and the creation and adaption of USSD menus and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) support.


ELAN Webinar: Save the Children’s Use of Mobile Money in Liberia 

Learn how Save the Children provided cash assistance via mobile money to 5,000 Ebola-affected households. Presenters share insights related to the role of superagents, handset ownership, and changes in attitudes towards mobile money.

ELAN Webinar: Digital Identity – what does it mean and what consequences for e-transfers?

What do MasterCard, Consult Hyperion, and ID2020 think about digital identity? Learn about identity management options and the appropriate role government and NGOs should play in establishing a system for program participants to manage their digital identity.  

ELAN Webinar: Blockchain Technology for E-transfers

What is blockchain? Panelists from the University of Toronto, OCHA, BigchainDB, and Interplanetary Database Foundation (IPDB) introduce the technology and its potential applications in cash transfer programming. Discussion includes identity management, cash transfers, protected data sharing, and privacy. Watch the recording of the webinar below:


ELAN Webinar: E-vouchers in Yemen

Learn how Save the Children transitioned from paper to e-vouchers at scale using the MasterCard Aid Network. Includes an overview of the MasterCard Aid system and insights on program set-up, monitoring, and lessons learned.  

ELAN Webinar: The Red Cross Movement's e-transfer system for Latin America

How did the Red Cross select a provider for remotely loadable cards that is deployable in nearly 30 countries?  Highlights include finding the right prepaid partner, banks vs. third party vendors, an overview of the system and its pilot, and beneficiary communications and monitoring at encashment points. 

ELAN Webinar: Scaling up E-Vouchers in North Eastern Nigeria

Learn about Mercy Corps’ use of Red Rose’s e-voucher platform, including: service provider selection, the scale-up process, price monitoring, and remote management. 

ELAN Webinar: Financial Services: What Cash Practitioners Need to Know 

What are financial services, why they are critical to consider in emergencies, and how they can amplify the impact of cash transfer programs? Representatives from the American Red Cross, the Danish Refugee Council, MasterCard Advisors and Mercy Corps speak to these questions and more. Also introduces the Financial Services Primer.

ELAN Webinar: CARE Haiti – Linking e-vouchers and social protection

Learn about how CARE’s integrated food security program utilized electronic food vouchers at scale and linked to the national social protection scheme. Covers partnering with an MNO, MFI and local food vendors; combining e-vouchers and paper vouchers; and integrated nutrition-sensitive program design. . 

ELAN Virtual Coffee Break: A Catalog for Cash Transfer Tech?

Do you think a catalog can solve our cash transfer tech problems? Listen to the informal discussion that eventually birthed the Cash Catalog. And then follow up with our Failure Brief about why it didn’t survive. 

ELAN Webinar: Mobile Money Update

The ELAN, EcoCash, CaLP, and NetHope lead a discussion on recent developments in mobile money, including insights from NetHope’s mobile money research, key findings from the ELAN’s West Africa Workshops (and in French), and how to lead a discussion on mobile money in your country/market.