The Cash Learning Partnership

There is a growing recognition in the humanitarian sector that in an emergency, cash transfers and vouchers can be appropriate and effective tools to support people affected by disasters in a way that maintains dignity and choice for beneficiaries while stimulating local economies and markets.

The Cash Learning Partnership aims to improve the quality of emergency cash transfer and voucher programming across the humanitarian sector.


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The core purpose of this review, commissioned by the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), is to evaluate CaLP’s progress since inception and examine the status and continued needs of cash programming in emergencies.

This report will enable the CaLP Steering Committee to make decisions on the appropriate role and shape of CaLP in the future. It is also envisioned that the review will provide a platform for discussion for agencies and donors through the examination of the status of CTP, along with barriers to implementation, and investments needed.

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CaLP D-groups

The CaLP discussion groups (D-groups) are designed for debate, discussion and technical advice about cash transfer programming in emergencies.

There are four different D-groups: 



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If you are already a D-group member, visit the community website.

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Cash Atlas - CaLP's cash mapping tool

The Cash Atlas is an interactive global mapping tool aiming to visually represent cash transfer programmes at a global level. 

By demonstrating the use and utility of cash transfer programmes (CTP) across different sectors and contexts, the Cash Atlas provides a tool that can be used in advocacy to promote consideration and appropriate use of CTP in humanitarian response. It also aims to be a learning tool for organisations willing to share their experiences.

This project has been developed by CaLP and supported by American Red Cross, ECHO and USAID/OFDA.

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Latest news

New case study: Planning for government adoption of a social protection programme in an insecure environment: the Child Grant Development Programme in northern Nigeria

CaLP’s latest case study shows how cash transfers can be used as mechanisms for social protection in Nigeria.

posted by Digital Comms  27.8.14


CaLP Website Survey

CaLP is currently in the process of reviewing its website, please take a few minutes to respond to a short online survey.

posted by Digital Comms  8.8.14


‘Latest innovations in cash transfers’ – A new article from IRIN

IRIN’s (Integrated Regional Information Networks) new report, entitled ‘Latest innovations in cash transfers’ highlights the current dynamism in the cash transfer sector and how CaLP’s Cash Atlas tool is making this visible.

posted by Digital Comms  7.8.14



Our new case study shows how #cashtransfers can be used as mechanisms for #socialprotection in #Nigeria yesterday Read how market analysis for preparedness and contingency planning improves crisis response #cashtransfer yesterday RT @UNICEF: We’re providing direct cash assistance to vulnerable displaced families in #Iraq’s #Dahuk Governate 22nd August Hi @BluntSpeaking! We loved your article on innovations in #cashtransfers. Are you interested in writing for our newsletter? DM us if so. 21st August RT @UNICEFInnocenti: Are #cashtransfer programmes a silver bullet? #Zambia's Child Grant may help answering. @ashudi 21st August Join the conversation