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What people in humanitarian crises need is cash, not commodities

Read  Paula Gil Baizan and Erik Johnson views on why goverments convened at UN economic and social council meeting must pledge to give people affected by disasters the flexibility that cash transfers offer. 

Webinar recording - On the cusp: proposals to advance the cash reform

On 15 June 2016, CaLP hosted a webinar to explore the innovative pathways for change to deliver on the initial vision of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) which would see cash-based assistance becoming the default method of support for people in emergencies. Watch the recording here!

Introducing the ELAN Data Starter Kit

While many industries are governed by clear data protection standards, this is not yet the case for the humanitarian sector. Yet, we have a responsibility to utilize, share, store, and dispose of data securely. Check out the Data Starter Kit designed to help humanitarians plan and improve data management practices. 

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