Ethiopia Cash Working Group

The Ethiopia Cash Working Group brings together actors involved in cash transfer programming on a monthly basis. The Cash Working  Group is co-chaired by UNOCHA and an NGO, with the NGO co-chair role rotating among group members.  

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Cash Working Group Documents

Cash Working Group Event Reports

Ethiopia CTP Learning Event

A learning event that took place in Addis Ababa in 2017, brought colleagues from Government, NGOs, donors and the UN to reflect on the use of cash in the current drought response. While cash helped meet some of the drought response objectives, there were significant challenges with scaling-up. There are many lessons to be learned and issues to be addressed to improve future cash responses.  Priorities for collective action were identified (below) and will be further discussed by the CWG: See the short report Here

Cash Working Group Meetings

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The Cash Working Group Steering Commitee TORs are as below

The Cash Working Group meets regularly, find the meeting schedule for 2018. Below are minutes from recent Ethiopia Cash Working Group meetings held in Addis Ababa.

Draft Documents for Review by the CWG in November 2017.














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