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There is an increasing recognition amongst agencies and the community of practice that the involvement of staff in cash and voucher based programming is not limited to programme staff, but also extends to staff in operations/supporting roles (including finance, logistics, security, and IT), as well as senior decision-makers such as country director and senior advisors. The development of CTP-related knowledge, skills and capacities amongst this broad range of staff is essential for the quick and effective implementation of high quality cash transfer programming.

In order to better support the capacity building needs of organisations involved in CTP, CaLP is re-designing its standard training package to include courses and materials that meet the specific needs of all organisational departments with an involvement in supporting the delivery of high quality cash and voucher programming.  This will also assist organisations in mainstreaming cash competencies and preparedness within and across their organisations, and will thus support the process of institutionalisation of cash programming.

CaLP has done an extensive review of our standard training package, (previously known as Level 1 and Level 2 CaLP Training courses), and re-framed our training courses around 3 different participant groups: Strategic Decision-Makers, Technical/Programme staff, and Operations staff. CaLP then developed a CTP Competence Framework, identifying the core CTP competences required for each of these three participant groups, and has re-designed our training package based around these competences.

In addtion, CaLP has developed a wide range of specialised modules, designed to go in-depth into a range of key topics at an advanced level, to promote a deeper understanding of CTP.

These newly-updated courses have been developed by CaLP, in collaboration with the Fritz Institute and RedR, and will be rolled out in 2017. CaLP will no longer be delivering Level 1 or Level 2 trainings, but will deliver our new standard training package instead.

Watch this webinar's recording here to find out all about our new courses! 

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CaLP's Standard Training Package

  1. CTP Fundamentals
  2. Introduction to Market Analysis 
  3. Core CTP skills for Strategic Planning and Decision-making
  4. Core CTP skills for Technical Programme Design and Quality
  5. Core CTP skills for the Operational Delivery of CTP

CaLP Specialised Courses:

  1. Market Assessment Tools Training
  2. Market Assessment Tools Training for Decision-Makers
  3. Market Assessment Tools Training for Team Leaders
  4. A practical guide to market analysis in humanitarian response 
  5. Introduction to Social Protection and CTP
  6. Designing Humanitarian cash-based assistance linked to Social Assistance
  7. Protection in cash-based interventions
  8. E-transfers and operationalising beneficiary data protection 
  9. Urban CTP and Livelihoods 
  10. CTP and Livelihoods
  11. Response Analysis and CTP – short course
  12. Response Analysis and CTP – long course
  13. CTP and Quality Standards in WASH and Shelter Programming