Membership FAQ

Why the new membership structure?

Conducted in 2014, the CaLP review provided recommendations on CaLP's strategic orientations and structure. It notably underlines that a broader membership, including international and local NGOs, donors, private sector representatives and key UN humanitarian agencies, would give CaLP greater legitimacy, demonstrating that it represents a significantly broader base than the five historical steering committee members through its current active and diverse community of practice.

For more information, please consult the external review:

What is the difference between becoming a Member of CaLP and being part of the Community of Practice?

CaLP’s resources and tools have always been open source documents and will remain free of access for the wider Community of Practice through its website.  However, CaLP Members will also benefit from:

  • The ability to participate in CaLP annual meetings (one representative).
  • The ability to apply for a position on the CaLP Technical Advisory Group according to specific application criteria (see Technical Advisory Group TOR for more details).
  • The ability to express interest for a position on the CaLP Board of Directors according to specific criteria (see Board of Directors TOR for more details)
  • Credits and visibility on selected CaLP communications.
  • CaLP can attend members’ learning events to present CaLP’s recent work when appropriate and based on financial and human resource availability.
  • Members can request up to 20 copies of any new CaLP publication, excluding delivery costs.
  • Members will receive the CaLP work plan and an annual update.

Where does the membership money go?

The money CaLP receives from membership fees will be used to help CaLP achieve its global vision and goal and directly contribute to CaLPs’ global and regional work, as well as provide an incentive for an active membership role. The contributions will ensure members have a share in CaLP’s vision and they shall have an active role in the future of CaLP.

Membership fees may contribute towards costs such as:

  • The Membership Officer position. This role is crucial to managing the membership
  • Annual and Regional Membership Events
  • Annual Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
  • CaLP Governance costs
  • Other membership related meeting and support costs
  • The new Director position and other core staff positions of CaLP not fully covered by restricted donor contracts. The Director role and funding for CaLP core staff is crucial to CaLP's strategic division, as recomended in the external review of CaLP and its work " A review of cash transfer programming and the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) 2005-2015 and beyond.

Members willing to make additional voluntary contributions can contact CaLP's funding and partnership coordinator at

How is membership renewed?

CaLP operates a common membership year for all members (April to March), with annual fees in the first year pro rata according to when a member joins, and how much time remains in the first membership year. Members join on the basis they are committing to membership for a period of at least 3 years, and that membership will renew on a rolling, annual basis unless steps are taken to terminate by either CaLP or the member itself.

  • To facilitate this process, CaLP staff will initiate the renewal process in February. This process includes undertaking basic checks* (to ensure the member still meets the membership criteria), and clarifying fees due, contact points, whether any issues are likely to arise with regard to renewal.
  • Assuming a member wishes to renew and continues to meet membership criteria, then CaLP staff issue a renewal invoice.
  • Invoices for annual membership fees are issued by CaLP during the last month of the membership year (March), for payment in the first month of the new membership year (April).
  • Should a member wish to terminate their membership, i.e. not renew or another year, then membership will cease at the end or the 6-month mark of the membership year as applicable. No refund of membership fees will be due.
  • Members can withdraw from CaLP by writing in the months of March or September each year, by the last calendar day.

Who shall I contact on membership related issues?

The point of call for all membership enquires is the CaLP Membership Officer by emailing: