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CaLP membership: Applications are now closed

Applications are currently closed for CaLP Membership, Technical Advisory Group and the Board.

CaLP invites Membership applications from interested parties including NGOs, donors, UN agencies, academic institutions, private sector actors, independent experts, humanitarian networks, inter-agency initiatives and National Disaster Management Authorities.

CaLP Members benefit from:

  • The ability to participate in CaLP annual meetings (one representative).
  • The ability to apply for a position on the CaLP Technical Advisory Group according to specific application criteria (see Technical Advisory Group TOR for more details).
  • The ability to express interest for a position on the CaLP Board of Directors according to specific criteria (see Board of Directors TOR for more details)
  • Credits and visibility on selected CaLP communications.
  • CaLP can attend members’ learning events to present CaLP’s recent work when appropriate and based on financial and human resource availability.
  • Members can request up to 20 copies of any new CaLP publication, excluding delivery costs.
  • Members will receive the CaLP work plan and an annual update.

Following that launch of the Membership in 2016, there are also a set of expanded benefits. 

How to apply?

Complete the CaLP Membership Application Form found here.

CaLP will acknowledge receipt of the application form within 1 week.

CaLP will review the application and undertake necessary evaluations and assessments.

CaLP may request applicants to submit additional documentation as necessary, for example, proof of current legal registration, proof of social corporate responsibility/humanitarian principles or equivalent, most recent organisational annual report, including audit information.

Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at the next meeting in October 2017. Applicants will then be contacted with the result of their application.

Joining CaLP’s technical advisory and governance bodies

Please note the Technical Advisory Group is currently full. We will be reviewing TAG representation in Spring 2018

When applying for membership, prospective members also have the ability to apply for membership to the Technical Advisory Group and/or express their interest for a position on the Board of Directors.

Please note, only members may apply for the Technical Advisory Group or the Board of Directors. If you are not a CaLP member, we welcome your membership application together with your TAG/Board Application.

Technical Advisory group

The CaLP Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is the technical advisory body of the CaLP partnership, providing expert technical advice to the implementation of substantive work of CaLP. The input of the TAG ensures cross-sectional representation and the maintenance of high technical standards and field linkages – and ensures that TAG-member led initiatives contribute to a common workplan. 

The TAG currently comprises 22 members, and its work-plan is managed through technical working groups aligned with CaLP’s global thematic priorities.  

Members who are not part of the TAG are strongly encouraged to take part in thematic working groups (WGs). 

Benefits of Technical Advisory Group Membership 

  • A voice in identifying and prioritising CaLP’s technical direction and activities
  • An opportunity to stay abreast of the latest technical developments in cash transfer programming and exchange learning and experiences with other sector specialists on a periodic basis
  • An opportunity to leverage the expertise of other CaLP member organisations to contribute to members’ respective organisations’ technical capacity
  • Depending on availability and in agreement with CaLP, attendance to CaLP learning events or similar fora to present and host discussions. 

Board of Directors

The CaLP Board of Directors is the governing body of the CaLP network and is dedicated to advancing the mission, values, strategies, goals, priorities, and policies of CaLP. It is currently comprised of 11 voting members, elected from a diverse array of organisations from the CaLP membership. Click here to download the Board of directors’ terms of reference. 

CaLP Board Member – Seat Reserved for Private Sector

The Board has taken the decision to reserve 1 seat for an individual from a Private Sector actor. The Board would hope that this individual would have the ability to advocate and champion CaLP within the private sector/ their own company.

The individual will be expected to facilitate the connectedness between humanitarian and private sector initiatives. This should include a strong focus on financial service provision, but should also include broader opportunities for collaboration in market-based humanitarian programming. S/he will also be expected to facilitate opportunities for fundraising from private sector sources.

The private sector board member will be expected to follow the guidelines for public-private partnerships for humanitarian action as outlined in “Guiding Principles for Public-Private Collaboration for Humanitarian Action” prepared by the World Economic Forum and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) 

CaLP Board Member – Unreserved Seat

There is a remaining unreserved seat on the CaLP Board of Directors.

To increase diversity on the Board, individuals corresponding to some or all of the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Strong, demonstrated background in financial management/research/policy/ fundraising
  • From a large organisation based in the global south
  • Given the current gender profile of the CaLP Board, qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply 

For further information on the Board of Directors and criteria please see the Board Operational Document. Please note that whilst Board members bring the experience from their own organisation, they serve in an individual capacity. 

To express interest, the nominee should send a copy of their CV and a short motivational paragraph to the Membership Officer at membership@cashlearning.org  or complete the appropriate area of the Membership application form when their organisation applies for Membership.