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CaLP membership 

CaLP is a global partnership of humanitarian actors engaged in policy, practice and research within Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA). CaLP currently has over 80 members who collectively deliver the majority of Cash and Voucher Assistance in humanitarian contexts worldwide. Our members include UN agencies, donors, international NGOs, local NGOs and private sector organisations. Our Board, Technical Advisory Group and Global Advocacy Cash Network are all drawn from our membership. 

Membership of CaLP is a statement of commitment to collective action to achieve our shared mission. The Membership Statement details what it means to be a member of CaLP and answers frequently asked questions.

Applications for CaLP membership open

CaLP invites Membership applications from interested parties including NGOs, donors, UN agencies, academic institutions, private sector actors, independent experts, humanitarian networks, inter-agency initiatives and National Disaster Management Authorities.

Process to apply:

  • Complete the CaLP Membership Application Form and return to the Rose Smith, Membership Coordinator
  • CaLP will acknowledge receipt of the application form within 1 week.
  • CaLP will review the application and undertake necessary evaluations and assessments.
  • CaLP may request applicants to submit additional documentation as necessary, for example, proof of current legal registration, proof of social corporate responsibility/humanitarian principles or equivalent, most recent organisational annual report, including audit information.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at the next meeting – these are quarterly, with one in September 2019 and January 2020. Apply no later than COB Monday 23rd September to be considered in the September round. 
  • Applicants will then be contacted with the result of their application, following the nearest Board meeting.

Enquiries can be addressed to Rose Smith.

Membership Governance

Board of Directors

  • CaLP is governed by a Board of up to 13 individuals drawn from our members. The Board operates on the basis of the Operational Document.
  • Board members serve for 3 years (renewable). Vacancies are advertised as available, and applications reviewed by the Board.

Technical Advisory Group

  • The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) provides expert technical advice to the implementation of substantive work of CaLP. The input of the TAG ensures cross-sectional representation and the maintenance of high technical standards and field linkages – and ensures that TAG-member led initiatives contribute to a common work-plan. The TAG operates on the Terms of Reference.

The TAG’s work-plan is managed through Technical Working Groups aligned with CaLP’s global thematic priorities.