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 Turkey Cash-Based Interventions Technical Working Group

Meeting Multiple Needs

The Cash-Based Interventions Technical Working Group is part of a broader effort to coordinate the humanitarian response for refugees in Turkey. The need for this TWG, as an action-oriented forum based in Gaziantep, Turkey but with a country-wide focus (to be confirmed by STF) was identified by CBI actors in November 2015. With regards to its geographical focus, the CBI TWG will aim to address the needs of the most vulnerable refugees inside all of Turkey, with a focus on both camps and non-camp communities.

The CBI TWG, at an operational and technical level, is intended to be a mechanism for providing guidance on the following key issues:

  • Targeted information sharing;
  • Appropriate harmonization of approaches;
  • Providing technical advisory support to Sector Leads on modality decision-making procedures;
  • Determining and coordinating technical support to advocacy;
  • Agreeing relevant minimum standards and planning to improve targeting of the most vulnerable households and increase their resilience to future shocks and stresses.

All these efforts will be conducted on a needs basis and upon request from relevant Sector Leads.

The CBI-TWG will capitalize on existing cash and voucher-based programming efforts from Government actors, the Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) , UN and NGOs in order to ensure a more coordinated and effective response with minimal gaps and duplications and increased quality and accountability of programming. The CBI-TWG will continue collecting 4Ws for all cash-based interventions and will refer this data to the Sector Leads for further analysis. Any programmatic issues on the Emergency Social Safety Net will be referred to TRC and WFP. All issues relating to other multi-purpose cash grants will be reported to the Basic Needs Sector.

Membership into CBI TWG is open to all humanitarian partners including international and local NGOs, Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, concerned government departments, UN agencies and donors within the Refugee Coordination Response in Turkey; primarily organizations with previous/current experience in cash or voucher-based interventions, and those planning to implement such interventions in future. Participating agencies are encouraged to send technical/programmatic representatives in order to contribute to the greatest possible extent. All Sector Leads are also encouraged to attend these meetings and to conduct further analysis as relevant for their sector. All actors planning or implementing cash-based interventions in Turkey (in support of refugee populations) are strongly encouraged to attend the Working Group and share information regularly. Consistency of representation for each participating agency is appreciated.

Donors will continue to receive Meeting Minutes, Reports and Presentations on a monthly basis. Their presence will however be limited to specific sessions where donor insight is deemed appropriate and adds value for the rest of the group.

Cash Working Group Documents

2018 Meeting Minutes 

2017 Meeting Minutes 

2015-16 Meeting Minutes 

Key Resources:

  1. Information Management

2. Mapping:

3. Cash Gap Analysis

4. Assessments:

5. Monitoring and Evaluation:

6. Programme Quality & Accountability to Affected Populations

For further information please contact: Sara Fowler, WFP-AAP Advisor sara.fowler@wfp.org

7. Capacity Development