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How We Built a Global Action Agenda to Enable Digital Payments in Humanitarian Response

Your feedback requested on the future of digital payments

posted by Tom Dixon  08.8.17


Financial Service Providers, Aid Agencies Agree on Joint Principles to Respond to Humanitarian Crises

The Cash Learning Partnership , eighteen global private-sector and humanitarian organizations signed principles to guide public-private collaboration on digital delivery of humanitarian aid. Read the full report here!

posted by Digitalcomms  20.1.17


All the humanitarian standards in your phone? Well, yes!

What features should a humanitarian standards app have? Help the Global Humanitarian Standards Partnership develop their new app! 

posted by Digitalcomms  03.8.16


Introducing the ELAN Data Starter Kit

While many industries are governed by clear data protection standards, this is not yet the case for the humanitarian sector. Yet, we have a responsibility to utilize, share, store, and dispose of data securely. Check out the Data Starter Kit designed to help humanitarians plan and improve data management practices. 

posted by Lisa Levy  14.6.16


World Economic Forum, MasterCard and GSMA Commit to Lead Initiatives on Scaling-up Humanitarian Payments in Emergency Situations

The World Economic Forum, MasterCard and the GSMA join together at the World Humanitarian Summit, held this week in Istanbul on 23-24 May, to commit to lead initiatives that will improve the way people receive humanitarian assistance in the form of diverse payments following a crisis. Read their commitments here.

posted by Digitalcomms  23.5.16


Winter in the Informal Settlements of Kabul: How are E-Vouchers being used to Assist?

Winter provides further challenges in the form of freezing temperatures and heavy snow for those in the informal settlements of Kabul, who are already living without running water or adequate sanitation, and with a limited supply of electricity. Click here to find out about how WFP are using cash-based transfers to help. 

posted by Steering Committee  16.3.16