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Partnering for success: What works in e-cash programs?

Read Lily's Frey article on the challenges and learnings from e-cash programs across a variety of different geographies and delivery mechanisms. 

posted by Digitalcomms  20.11.15


Upcoming ELAN Webinar: CARE Haiti on linking e-vouchers and social protection

On October 29, The Electronic Cash Transfer Learning Action Network (ELAN) will conduct a webinar with CARE Haiti team to learn about their work on e vouchers and social protection.

posted by Digitalcomms  09.10.15


E-card Convenience for Syrian Families at Turkish Camps

In Turkey, the WFP-Kizilay e-food card is currently assisting over 150,000 Syrian refugees living in 11 camps, and in July 2015 the programme was extended to support vulnerable families living outside camps in Gaziantep and Hatay.

posted by Digitalcomms  05.10.15


New CaLP Online Training Course: “E-Transfers and operationalizing beneficiary data protection”

CaLP is now launching in partnership with the UNHCR the course “E – transfer and operationalizing beneficiary data protection”. The purpose of this course is to assist humanitarian practitioners to take the necessary steps to operationalize the protection of beneficiary data in programmes using electronic transfers, or e-transfers.

posted by Digitalcomms  03.9.15


What has the ELAN been up to?

The  Electronic Cash Transfer Learning Action Network (ELAN) aims to improve how electronic cash and electronic vouchers are used to assist survivors of natural disasters and conflict.This article by Lily Frey provides an insight on the key developments in each of the four work stream areas of ELAN over the past six months.

posted by Digitalcomms  01.9.15


Getting Ready for Digital Money: A Roadmap

In recent years there has been a significant move towards cashless economies, both by governments and businesses, which presents an opportunity for stimulating economic growth and financial inclusion in both developed and emerging markets. Digital money is shown to be having a profound impact within the global economy, and research by Citi and Imperial College London explores the transformative potential of digital money.

posted by Digital Comms  28.7.15