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Webinar Recordings: "Cash transfers and livelihoods Learning Events"

CaLP held two regional learning events on "Cash Transfers and livelihoods" in Guatemala and Senegal in 2015. Check the recordings of the events here! 

posted by Digitalcomms  21.12.15


Webinar: "Cash transfers and livelihood programs”: Sharing the results from the Dakar Learning Event.

Did you miss CaLP's learning event on  "Cash transfers and livelihood programs” in Dakar? We are now organizing a webinar presentation with it's main results! Click here for mode details!


posted by Digitalcomms  07.12.15


New Video: CaLP's Regional Learning Event in Dakar.

Did you miss CaLP's regional learning event in Dakar? Watch this video here!

posted by Digitalcomms  20.11.15


New Cash and Livelihoods Page

How can cash transfers support livelihood protection and recovery? Find guidance material, videos and other resources on cash based interventions in livelihoods on the new thematic page!


posted by Digitalcomms  20.10.15


Upcoming Webinar : Working with Insecurity: Mitigating Protection and Security Risks in Cash-based Programs

Join the Food Security and Nutrition Network for the second session of the Cash Learning Series - "Monitoring of Cash-Based Programs:  What are we doing now?  What do we need to do better?"hosted by CRS and The TOPS Program.


posted by Digitalcomms  19.10.15


Global Learning events on Cash Transfer Programming in Livelihoods in Senegal and in Guatemala

Responding to a growing interest on the use of cash transfer programming for livelihoods protection and enhancement, two learning events on the theme "Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) in livelihoods Programs: How can CTP contribute to building resilience?" will take place in the coming months in Senegal and in Nicaragua.


posted by Digitalcomms  12.10.15