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Webinar recording - On the cusp: proposals to advance the cash reform

On 15 June 2016, CaLP hosted a webinar to explore the innovative pathways for change to deliver on the initial vision of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) which would see cash-based assistance becoming the default method of support for people in emergencies. Watch the recording here!

posted by Vincent Trousseau  16.6.16


The World Humanitarian Summit and the Future of Cash Transfers in Emergencies

The World Humanitarian Summit opened on a promising note, but has the Summit delivered on its promises? We asked Nigel Timmins, Paula Gil Baizan, and Paul Harvey.

posted by Steering Committee  02.6.16


E-Vouchers for Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Challenges and Lessons Learned around Vulnerability, Targeting, and Protection

In summer 2015  a Tufts University research team travelled to southern Turkey to produce a comprehensive “lessons learned” analysis of DRC's  e-voucher intervention, focusing in particular on its protection implications. Read the key recommendations from their report here.

posted by Digitalcomms  04.4.16


Webinar: Making cash really work: Ensuring effectiveness of cash-based programs

On December 10, CRS and The Tops Program will conduct the webinar “Making cash really work: Ensuring effectiveness of cash based programs”. For more information please read this article.

posted by Digitalcomms  02.12.15


New CaLP Publication: Voices and Views of Beneficiaries on unconditional Cash Transfers. Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal and Philippines

CaLP launches new publication on voices and views of beneficiaries on unconditional cash transfers. Read more in this article.


posted by Digitalcomms  17.11.15


New Publication: Doing cash differently: how cash transfers can transform humanitarian aid?

The Overseas Development Institute has launched this week the report Doing cash differently: how can transform humanitarian aid “ which highlights why giving aid directly in the form of cash is often a highly effective way to reduce suffering and to make limited humanitarian aid budgets go further.

posted by Digitalcomms  15.9.15