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In Sierra Leone, two Ebola survivors share a common bond – and a future together

A cash transfer programme in Sierra Leone is helping Ebola survivors start over and build new lives. For Emma and baby J, it is also helping them to be a family.

posted by Digitalcomms  27.8.15


UNICEF’s Alternative Responses for Communities in Crisis (ARCC) programme – The largest Humanitarian Multi-Purpose Unconditional Cash Transfer Program in the DRC

Cash-based Response programs have a long standing history as part of humanitarian response in the Democratic Republic of Congo. From the initial seed voucher fairs to the current multi-purpose interventions, the humanitarian community has reshaped its assistance to better accommodate the varying of needs of the population. Gabriele Erba provides an insight into the ARCC programme and its operational research component looking into the consequence of using different delivery mechanisms and of delivering assistance via the female or male adults in the household.

posted by Digital Comms  09.7.15


The world’s aid programmes are heroic – but inadequate where it’s most needed

In a recent article for the Guardian, president and CEO of International Rescue Commitee David Milliband discusses the need for more aid in fragile states, an increased aid budget, and the positive evidence supporting cash transfers as a method of humanitarian response.

posted by Digital Comms  24.6.15


Vietnam: How cash transfers helped families rebuild their lives after Typhoon Wutip

In 2013 Typhoon Wutip made landfall in Central Vietnam. Hundreds of thousands of houses were unroofed and over 500 collapsed. Hectares and hectares of paddy fields were damaged. An article by the European Commission explains how cash transfer project helped locals re-establish their livelihoods.


posted by Digital Comms  22.6.15