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Highlights from Bioforce Institute graduation event in Dakar

On Thursday 13th June 2019 CaLP was part of a graduation event hosted by the Bioforce Institute, one of our training partner organisations. This event celebrated the graduation of all the Bioforce students that followed CaLP’s CVA fundamentals course, which was delivered by our West Africa capacity building staff, Kadaf Abdourahamane and Abdoulaye Hamidou.

posted by CaLP  28.6.19


Join our Building Individual Expertise Programme in West Africa

The BIEP offers individuals the opportunity to benefit from a range of capacity building activities, including training, job placement and mentoring. Apply now to be part of the 2019-20 cohort in West Africa.

posted by CaLP West Africa  17.12.18


CaLP announces training partnerships with Bioforce, RedR UK and Key Aid Consulting

CaLP is excited to announce training partnerships with Bioforce, RedR UK and Key Aid Consulting on the delivery of CaLP-accredited courses, extending the reach of CaLP’s capacity building efforts.

posted by Pauline Perez  10.10.18


CaLP presents Cash Week 2018: Networking, Learning, Visioning

Join us in London from 15-19 October 2018 to advance issues, reflect and prepare for the future of cash transfer programming.

posted by Tegan Rogers  19.9.18


Three takeaways from the ECOSOC-HAS discussion on linking cash transfers with social protection systems

There is growing interest from governments and donors alike in building or strengthening social protection systems to protect the poorest and most vulnerable people. CaLP's Lynn Yoshikawa joined a panel with representatives from governments, UN agencies, NGOs and donors to discuss the implications for CTP at the ECOSOC-HAS side event.

posted by Lynn Yoshikawa  11.7.18