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Join the Markets in Crises Community of Practice

The Markets in Crises Community of Practice (MiC) is an online forum for sharing information and collaborating on all aspects of market awareness and engagement in pre-crisis, emergency and recovery contexts. The MiC acts as an independent community for a diverse group of stakeholders including NGOs, donors, academics, UN agencies and the private sector. It is hoped that MiC will facilitate links between those whose work focuses on crises responses and those who are more concerned with longer term market functioning and development work. 

The initial focus of the MiC is to:

  • Create space for mutual exchange, learning and constructive feedback on market-related topics through the D-groups platform.
  • Build a library of technical resources and support the dissemination of useful information to members.
  • Foster greater collaboration among organizations to improve market-sensitive programming in practice.
  • Expand members’ networks and create linkages for joint activities, research, and advocacy, as members desire.
  • Connect organizations and fora focused on one part of the humanitarian-response-to-development spectrum so that a broader market-based community is created.

History of MiC

In March 2013 a group of NGOs, UN agencies, donors and private sector actors interested in markets in emergencies came together to share their experiences in applying market-sensitive approaches to humanitarian programming. One of the key outputs of this learning event was the recognition of a need for a common platform for cross-agency discussion, sharing, and collaboration around markets. A working group was then created, consisting of ICRC, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Concern, Practical Action, CaLP, IRC, FAO, WFP, CRS, Save the Children, Action Against Hunger, and GFSC, to discuss how to move forward in establishing a Community of Practice (CoP) to continue the spirit of market-oriented collaboration founded at the learning event. A second learning event was held in April 2014 to carry forward the priorities of the initial meeting and to come to a consensus on the Community of Practice. Following a survey of all interested parties the MiC was officially created in February 2014 with a Board of Directors consisting of representatives from Action Against Hunger, International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps, ODI, and Oxfam.

How to Join

The MiC is a community of practice open to anyone interested in markets, crises, market development and/or emergency response. You can join the MiC online community, and gain access to the library, at https://dgroups.org/dfid/mic/join.

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