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Cash Atlas update - Survey on key data

Following the identification of challenges to data collection as a conclusion of the first survey, more in-depth questionnaires were sent to users and editors to clarify which data presented specific difficulty and which data presented the highest interest for users. The intention was to possibly make certain data optional that would pose major challenges for editors and minor interest to users.

The results of this second survey are presented in the graph below. The data that matched the criteria defined are:

  • Amount funded per donor
  • Date of the first cash transfer
  • Number of beneficiaries
  • Number of transfers received by beneficiaries
  • Amount received by beneficiaries per transfer
  • Delivery agent

Due to the technical implications of the modifications for the overall functioning of the Cash Atlas, the amount funded per donor, the date of the first cash transfer and the delivery agent could be made optional while the other information remained required.

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