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Cash Based Responses Technical Working Group (CBR-TWG) - Northern Syria

On 28th April 2015 the Cash-Based Responses Technical Working Group (CBR-TWG) for Northern Syria hosted a workshop in Gaziantep, Turkey, attended by a wide group of stakeholders from the humanitarian community currently supporting cross border activities in Northern Syria. The main aim of the workshop was to advocate for joint efforts in scaling up cash based programming in Syria built on a common understanding of where the humanitarian community is with cash transfer programming in Syria currently; the challenges, successes and learning; and what the strategic direction is from implementing organizations and the donor community going forward.

The workshop sessions were designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. Have an understanding of the discourse around critical questions and issues for CTP in northern Syria
  2. Reach consensus around where we stand with the key questions and issues
  3. Identify outstanding questions and issues that require further attention in 2015

The working group ran a number of sessions, from which several discussion topics emerged, including:

  • Appropriateness of cash based programming; to what extent cash based response is appropriate in Syria?
  • Risk Planning and Implementation Challenges
  • Scaling and Contingency - Evidences and lessons learned from current cash based responses

To read the full report, which includes key discussions and recommendations, click here.

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