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CaLP Level 2 Training in Kampala, Uganda

13 - 17 July 2015

CaLP is delighted to announce that a Level 2 training will be held in Kampala, Uganda, from the 13th to 17th of July, 2015. This is another great and exciting opportunity to attend a Level 2 cash transfer training facilitated by the CaLP.

The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) is an inter agency partnership that promotes the appropriate, timely and quality use of cash and voucher programming in humanitarian response.

Originating from the will to gather lessons learned from the use of cash and vouchers in the Asian Tsunami emergency response in 2005, the CaLP has emerged as a major platform for lesson learning and institutional networking on these issues.

The objective of the Level 2 training is to build the capacity of humanitarian actors in cash transfer program (CTP) design and implementation skills, to share recent research and learning and encourage advocacy, institutionalization and coordination in CTP.

The training aims to enable practitioners involved in humanitarian responses (inclusive of slow onset emergencies, immediate relief operations, and early recovery phases), to have:

• A more in-depth understanding of cash and voucher transfer programs.

• Improved capacity to evaluate the appropriateness of CTP compared to other response mechanisms.

• The ability to improve the effectiveness of CTP though improved skills on design, implementation coordination, monitoring and evaluation.

• An insight on how to work with different types of CTP in a range of contexts and sectors.

• Greater skills and confidence to manage CTP throughout the project cycle.

• The confidence to determine transfer types, amounts, and payment methods.

• The ability to anticipate and mitigate potential CTP bottlenecks.

• Basic advocacy messages for CTP in appropriate contexts.

• An understanding of the basics of coordination and humanitarian standards that relate to CTP.

The costs associated with the training are:
NGOs/UN/Donors - $400, National NGOs/CBOs - $50, Government - $0

If you are interested, please register online using this link.

Photo: Training participants from CaLP Level 2, Democratic Republic of Congo, June 2014. Credit: CaLP/ Nathalie Klein

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