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100 Days of Cash: CaLP’s Contribution to the World Humanitarian Summit

On the 12th February 2016, CaLP launched its ‘100 Days of Cash’ campaign, aimed at aligning the efforts, activities, and knowledge of CaLPs’ stakeholders, with the goal of developing an Agenda for Cash ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit. Read on for more information on the objectives of the campaign and how you can be involved.

Direct cash payments to support communities affected by crisis are becoming increasingly commonplace as a response to humanitarian crisis. Evidence also shows that cash transfers can be provided to people safely, efficiently and accountably.

Ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched his report "One Humanity, Shared Responsibility" in February, calling for cash-based programming to be the default method of support for affected populations where markets and operational contexts allow. With this very statement, the report embodies what the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) has been advocating for and working towards in the past 10 years: to ensure that cash transfer programming in emergencies is routinely considered as a scalable component of quality, timely and appropriate preparedness, emergency response and early recovery.

With the aim of contributing to the World Humanitarian Summit, CaLP has launched the “100 Days of Cash” campaign to bring together, through an inclusive and consultative process, the wide variety of stakeholders engaging on the topic to jointly develop an action oriented Agenda for Cash. The Agenda for Cash will be presented at the WHS and is a proposal for mutual accountability and action post WHS.

How can you participate?

CaLP will work with its members and wider community of practice to identify issues of interest and ways of engaging which can include live and remote discussions, a platform for members to share ideas and proposed solutions, the compilation of evidence on specific topics, and the development of position papers amongst others.

While CaLP will provide an enabling environment and strategic direction when needed, the vision is for the space to grow organically relying on CaLP’s members and other stakeholders’ active engagement. We will strive to use other resources and information already being collected and collated by other organisations to avoid duplication of efforts. So if your organisation is already planning events in the build up to the WHS, participating in high level panels and special events, or thinking of having a side event during the WHS, this can be an opportunity to align efforts towards a common goal.  


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The 100 Days of Cash Roadmap

The initiative was launched on Friday 12th February 2016 and it will end on the 22nd of May. On the 15th March a workshop was held in London with the aim of identifying the core components of the Agenda for Cash. This constituted the framework upon which the rest of the discussions and consultations will be built.

The 100 Days campaign will aim to achieve 4 planned milestones:

  • 21st March – 1st April: Issues of interest will have been identified by regional consultations lead by CaLP regional focal points and other participating agencies as needed. During this period a platform to share ideas hosted on the CaLP website will be open to the CoP.
  • 4th – 8th April: Issues will have been discussed and a draft proposal of an Agenda of Cash will have been outlined.
  • 12th – 13th April: An agenda of cash will be presented in Washington DC at CaLP Membership Event. The content of this agenda will be further developed during the event to include feedback from CaLP´s new membership. This new agenda will be circulated to TAG for final comments in May.
  • 16th May: An agenda of Cash will have been finalized and will be online at 100daysofcash.org Specific pledges will be reported at the WHS and mechanisms to follow up the commitments made during the WHS will be established.

A calendar will be available online and will be populated as member initiatives come up.  For more information visit: www.100daysofcash.org 

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