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New resources on cash & livelihoods !

The CaLP has the pleasure to announce the release of new resources on cash & livelihoods developed in partnership with the Livelihoods Centre and funded by ECHO. These resources include an e-learning module on urban cash transfers and livelihoods, two guidance notes on cash and livelihoods in West Africa and Latin America and 3 toolboxes on Cash, Markets and Livelihoods.

The growing use of cash transfers as a multi-sectorial tool requires a strong understanding of livelihoods analysis and vulnerability, to ensure that cash transfers can meet their intended objective. Understanding the potential to use cash transfers for livelihoods objectives is also critical to building household-level resilience to shocks. 

These resources aim to assist humanitarian actors across all sectors to understand the importance of livelihoods in cash transfer programming design, and how cash transfers can explicitly improve livelihoods outcomes. They also highlight opportunities to link humanitarian cash transfers can link with longer-term development objectives.


The e-learning module on urban cash transfer programmes and livelihoods is hosted on IFRC’s e-learning platform here. It addresses the specificities of cash transfer programming for livelihoods in urban environments. The course covers the following topics:

  1. Key concepts including what is different about humanitarian programming in urban contexts and why cash is an appropriate tool.
  2. Different approaches to cash transfer programming to achieve livelihoods objectives in urban environments.
  3. Opportunities and challenges that practitioners should be aware of when delivering cash responses in urban areas, sharing lessons and experiences from a number of emergency contexts.

Guidance notes

The guidance notes (available in English, French and Spanish) are the results of two workshops held in 2015 in Guatemala and Dakar to share knowledge and best practice regarding the use of cash transfers within those two contexts. These guidance notes are primarily intended for those involved in designing and implementing programmes that include cash transfer components within a livelihood support framework.

The guidance notes can be download here.  


A set of toolboxes with links to key documents on Cash, Markets and Livelihoods can be found here



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