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Announcing: State of the World's Cash launch Event


 Join us at ODI on 1 February 2018 for the launch of the 2018 State of the World's Cash Report. 

In recent years, the use of cash transfer programming (CTP)[1] in humanitarian assistance has grown significantly. In 2016, we estimate that $2.8bn[2] in humanitarian assistance was disbursed through cash and vouchers, up 40% from 2015 and approximately 100% from 2014[3]. The move to CTP has strong roots and is set to continue. CTP is widely recognised as one of the most significant areas of innovation in humanitarian assistance, with huge potential to meet more needs, more efficiently and more effectively.

The State of the World's Cash report critically analyses the current state of CTP in humanitarian aid, and the extent to which commitments have been achieved, in order to provide shared insights that can accelerate progress.

[1] CTP refers to all programs where cash (or vouchers for goods or services) are directly provided to beneficiaries. All key terms used in this report are defined in CaLP’s Glossary: http://www.cashlearning.org/resources/glossary

[2] Total calculated at $2.806 billion, rounded to $2.8 billion. Methodology for calculation of the total CTP figure is detailed in Annex 1.5 of the main report

[3] Compared to the best available estimate of $1.2-1.5bn in 2014, made in Doing Cash Differently: Report of the High Level Panel on Cash Transfers (2015).



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