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Upcoming event: Learning from CTP in the Ebola response

What did we learn from implementing cash transfers in response to the Ebola crisis, and how can this learning inform our responses in future epidemics?

CaLP West Africa is organising a one day workshop to disseminate the findings from its Ebola research. The focus will be on our upcoming publication, ‘Outcome Analysis: Cash Transfer Programming Response to the Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone and Liberia’. This report investigates the socioeconomic impacts of cash transfers for beneficiaries and their community.

As well as linking the research to regional initiatives and opportunities, the event will explore the potential of CTP in a health crisis and how learnings from the response around gender can be applied in other contexts.

Interested participants are invited to register at the link below before 23rd May.



29 May 2018, 08:30 - 17:15


Dakar, Senegal

Visit our regional page for more information and a full agenda:


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