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Visit our revamped thematic pages and get involved in research opportunities

CaLP’s recently launched ‘Ongoing and Future CTP Research’ page will provide a hub for cash actors to collaborate on research opportunities. Supplemented by our newly updated thematic pages, CaLP aims to provide a space for agencies commissioning research to find opportunities for collaboration, for donors to promote research funding opportunities, and for academics to identify work opportunities. Visit the page here: http://www.cashlearning.org/resources/ongoing-and-future-research.

New look thematic pages

Meanwhile, we have updated the ‘Thematic Areas’ section of the site to reflect the key themes CaLP is working on with its members. Cash practitioners can now find a carefully curated list of the latest training materials, evidence, resources, tools and discussions around each of the following themes:

  • Cash Coordination
  • Cash Transfer Programming and Risk
  • Digital Payments
  • Gender and Cash Transfer Programming
  • Markets and Cash Transfer Programming
  • Monitoring & Evaluation for Cash Transfer Programming
  • Multipurpose Cash Assistance
  • Operational Models
  • Sector-specific Cash Transfer Programming
  • Social Protection and Humanitarian Cash & Voucher Programming
  • Tracking Cash & Voucher Programming

CaLP’s thematic leads will be keeping these pages up to date as new information becomes available. If you’d like to get in touch to contribute to these pages, and find out more about CaLP’s work across these themes, you can find contact information at the end of each page.

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